YSEALI Connectivity Regional Workshop 2022: Enhancing Digital Connectivity

The YSEALI Connectivity Regional Workshop 2022: Enhancing Digital Connectivity is now accepting applications.

This regional YSEALI Connectivity workshop will give a venue for young leaders from throughout the area to come together, discuss ideas and best practices, and collaborate to close the digital gap.

Participants will learn about numerous strategies, knowledge sharing sessions, and technical know-how for implementing e-government services and the digital economy in a rural community environment at this workshop. The purpose is to offer participants with the required tools, skill sets, and cost-effective programs to improve digital coverage in their local areas utilizing off-the-shelf products.

The following topics will be covered in the workshop:

How can rural or underserved populations have better access to the information?

How can the functioning of government programs and services be made more transparent?

What can be done to improve communication and cooperation among the many stakeholders?

Requirements for the YSEALI Connectivity Regional Workshop 2022

Youth leaders from all throughout Southeast Asia who match the following requirements are eligible to apply:

  • Between the ages of 22 and 35.
  • You must be a citizen of ASEAN or Timor-Leste who lives in the area.

Three years of experience in one of the following fields is required:

a. Providing remote or underserved populations with government, educational, or economic services

b. Experience using technology to improve community digital connectedness or awareness

c. Activists in rural and semi-rural communities

d. Experts in e-governance, online education, and/or online commerce

  • English is my first language.
  • able to devote 100% of one’s time to the program, including pre-and post-session activities
  • Having the ability to go to Malaysia and participate in a three-day workshop (excluding travel days). The participants will be responsible for obtaining their own visas.

How to Apply for the YSEALI Connectivity Regional Workshop 2022

This fully sponsored program will bring together 100 young leaders who are registered YSEALI members and are between the ages of 22 and 35.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline for application: Unspecified

Visit YSEALI for more information.

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