Youth In Innovative Agriculture Programme in Ghana 2022

In 2022, Ghana’s National Entrepreneurship and Innovations Programme (NEIP) will launch the first phase of “YOUTH IN INNOVATIVE AGRICULTURE SUPPORT.”

Youth In Innovative Agriculture Programme

Its main goal is to offer comprehensive national assistance for small enterprises and start-ups.

NEIP’s primary goal is to help fledgling firms grow and succeed by offering business development services, startup incubators, and finance.

The National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (NEIP) is therefore embedded in Ghana’s long-term strategic objective of solidifying its middle-income position by developing an industry-driven economy capable of generating good employment that are both adequate and sustainable for growth.

Ghana CARES (Obaatan Pa) is an unprecedented, daring, and audacious GH100 billion post-COVID effort to stabilize, rejuvenate, and change Ghana’s economy over a three-year period in order to generate employment and prosperity for Ghanaians.

It is divided into two phases: a short-term Stabilization Phase that lasts from July through the end of the year (2020), and a medium-term Revitalization Phase that lasts from 2021 to 2023.

The first phase of the program builds on the government’s previous actions under the Coronavirus Alleviation Program, such as stabilizing the economy, ensuring food security, assisting businesses and workers, strengthening the health system, and passing legislation to help the economy recover quickly.

From 2021 to 2023, the second phase will focus on supporting commercial farming and attracting educated youth into agriculture, developing Ghana’s light manufacturing sector, developing engineering/machine tools and ICT/digital economy, developing Ghana’s housing and construction industry, and reviewing and optimizing the implementation of Government flagships and key programs, among other things.

Worth of Award

  •  Beneficiaries of the programme will receive an amount ranging from Ten Thousand (10,000) to One Hundred Thousand (100,000) Ghana Cedis

Youth In Innovative Agriculture Programme Requirements

  • The initiative aims to recruit young individuals who are interested in agriculture and are between the ages of eighteen (18) and forty (40) years old for training and funding.
  • This phase will seek applications from the Agric Business sectors listed below.

Framing using vegetables

Farming Maize


Animals for sale (Piggery)

Cassava/Yam (Tubers)


Agri-Technology (Agricultural Technology)

How to Apply for Youth In Innovative Agriculture Programme

The application period begins on January 11th and closes on February 11th.

The candidates will be put through a month of training, following which the chosen applicants will be supported.

Deadline: The deadline is February 5, 2022

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