PhD Scholarship MBIE Biocontrol at University of Waikato in New Zealand 2022

The University of Waikato is accepting applications for the MBIE Biocontrol PhD Scholarship for the academic year 2022/23.

University of Waikato PhD Scholarship MBIE Biocontrol

The PhD will concentrate on population hologenomics, and the role will include time spent in the Dearden lab at Otago. This effort builds on a groundbreaking 35-year study of a parasitoid wasp biocontrol agent (targeting the Argentine stem weevil) to uncover hologenomic variables that influence biocontrol success and failure.

This data will also be used to predict the efficacy of biocontrol agents slated for release in New Zealand, thereby improving existing biocontrol systems, reducing uncertainty surrounding proposed systems, and ensuring that effective pest control methods are available without increasing pesticide use.

Worth of Scholarship

The MBIE has completely financed this initiative (Smart Ideas programme).

The selected candidate will work with the project team at the University of Waikato, under the supervision of Dr. Ang McGaughran, and will be stationed there.

  • Prof Peter Dearden, University of Otago;
  • Mr Mark McNeill, AgResearch;
  • Prof Stephen Goldson, AgResearch/Lincoln University.

University of Waikato PhD Scholarship MBIE Biocontrol Eligibility Criteria

  • This role is available to a variety of candidates.
  • Students studying full-time in the United States, abroad, or in the Philippines
  • PhD candidate with population genomics and/or bioinformatics expertise.

How to Apply for the University of Waikato PhD Scholarship MBIE Biocontrol


  • CV
  • Contact details of 2 referees
  • Interest statement for the position

Deadline: The PhD Scholarship MBIE Biocontrol post will stay available until it is filled.

For more information and to apply, go here.

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