Unibo Action1&2 Study Grants for International Students in Italy 2022`

The Alma Mater Studiorum Univerity of Bologna is accepting applications for its Unibo Action 1&2 study grants and tuition fee waivers for foreign students wishing to enroll in a First Cycle, Second Cycle, or Single Cycle Degree in Italy for the academic year 2022/2023.

The Institution of Bologna has a long history and is often regarded as the oldest university in the Western world.

It is a landmark and a point of reference for European culture, with its history entwined with that of renowned names in science and literature.

Worth of Scholarship

The scholarship consists of:

  • Unibo Action 2 provides study funds totaling €11,000 gross.
  • Waivers of tuition fees (Unibo Action 1).

Unibo Action1&2 Study Grants | Eligibility Criteria

If you meet the following criteria, you can apply for Unibo Actions 1&2.

  • You have (or are going to earn) a legitimate qualification from a non-Italian educational institution that allows you to enroll in your desired degree program.
  • Students with a diploma from an Italian school located outside of Italy are also eligible to apply.
  • By the application deadline, you will have completed one of the following tests. If you are interested in registering in a First or Single Cycle Degree Programme, the SAT test, and if you are interested in registering in a Second Cycle Degree Programme, the GRE test.

How to  Apply for the Unibo Action1&2 Study Grants

  • Applications are only accepted from those who are interested in;
  • Enrolling in a First-Year or Single-Year Degree Program
  • Enrolling in a Second-Cycle Bachelor’s Degree Program
  • The application may only be filed through Student Online.
  • By the application deadline, you must have taken the SAT or GRE test.
  • Remember to transmit your SAT and GRE results to the University of Bologna using the numbers 6993 and 7850, respectively.
  • Winners will be granted Unibo Action 2 research funding in the order in which they were ranked until all of the funds have been used up.
  • Following that, winners in succeeding positions will get Unibo Action 1 tuition fee exemptions until the money is depleted. Receiving both perks is not feasible.


The deadline to apply for a First or Single Cycle Degree Program is April 30, 2022, at 12 p.m. CET.

The deadline to apply for the Second Cycle Degree Program is March 31, 2022, at 12 p.m. CET.

For more information and to apply, go here.

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