UNHCR NGO Innovation Award 2022

The UNHCR NGO Innovation Award 2022 is now accepting applications.

UNHCR NGO Innovation Award 2022

The award recognizes the efforts and successes of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have established innovative ways to the protection and deliver services to refugees and other UNHCR-affected people.

In an era of increased uncertainty and upheaval, UNHCR hopes to uncover and reward innovative and creative ways that may result in greater protection and service delivery to the people they serve, as well as magnify acts of solidarity and creativity.

Women-led and girl-led organizations (WLOs) working with or assisting refugees, internally displaced individuals, returnees, stateless people, and host communities will be the focus of the 2022 Award.

The Award will give priority to groups founded or headed by refugees and other UNHCR-designated individuals, but it will also be accessible to other community-based women-led organizations working in forced displacement situations.

This emphasis on women-led organizations aims to recognize organizations with strong organizational values, beliefs, and commitments to gender equality and responsibility to women and girls, as well as those that elevate women to leadership roles.


  • Seven (7) winning organizations will receive $15,000 each, one from each of UNHCR’s areas, to support their innovative work aimed at ensuring and improving gender equality and accountability for women and girls.

UNHCR NGO Innovation Award Requirements

If your company meets the following criteria, it is entitled to apply:

  • Are they headed by women or by girls?
  • Are working in a situation where they have been compelled to relocate;
  • Work on the ground, at the local level;
  • In your work, you’ve discovered novel methods.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to choose the winners:

  • The challenge’s comprehension and clarity
  • The solution’s originality
  • Involvement of women and/or girls in the solution design
  • The project’s actual effect, as opposed to its anticipated impact.

Application for UNHCR NGO Innovation Award

It’s worth noting that a large number of nominations/form submissions for the same organization does not guarantee that it will win the Award.

One submission is sufficient whether nominating an organization or self-nominating.

To Apply, Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: January 15, 2022

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