UNESCO-ERAIFT 2022 Regional Masters Scholarships for Africans

UNESCO, in collaboration with ERAIFT, is happy to announce a call for applications for Regional Masters Scholarships in Africa for the sustainable management of protected areas and forest ecosystems.

The regional master’s program is related to the LMD system and lasts 24 months, split into four semesters.

The fellowship is intended to assist qualified people researching forest ecosystems in Africa.

Type: Postgraduate

Organization: UNESCO

Country to study

School to study

Course to study: Not specified

State of Origin

Gender: Men and Women

Requirements for the UNESCO-ERAIFT Regional Masters Scholarships

  • Applicants for the Regional Masters Scholarships must satisfy the following requirements:
  • BAC + 3 in natural sciences (Biology, Ecology, Botany, Zoology, Environment, Geography, etc. ); engineering sciences (agronomy engineer, forestry engineer, bio-engineer, rural engineering engineer, etc. ); geomatics, demography, veterinary and/or human medicine, social sciences and humanities, etc (Sociology, Administrative and Political Sciences, Economics, Anthropology, Law, Psychology, Communication, etc.).
  • At the time of application selection, you must be under the age of 40.
    Have a good understanding of fundamental computer abilities.
  • Have a good understanding of both qualitative and quantitative data analysis
    Be proactive and self-sufficient, as well as capable of working in a multicultural and sometimes challenging atmosphere.
  • Be able to adapt to the changing circumstances of the study environment and live in a community.
  • Pass the French, English, mathematics, and computer examinations, which will be organized and mandatory for all applicants who fulfill the administrative and academic requirements.
  • To have excellent moral and ethical ideals.
  • You must be in excellent health and have had a COVID 19 virus immunization certificate within the past six months (for successful applicants only).
  • It would be beneficial if you have at least three years of professional experience in the forestry and environmental sectors.

Documents Required for UNESCO-ERAIFT Regional Masters Scholarship Application

  1. A fully filled and signed application form (available at ERAIFT or online at eraift-rdc.org).
  2. A letter of motivation submitted to the Director of ERAIFT and the President of the Academic and Research Council, asking admission to the regional program’s fourth class.This letter must be handwritten and written in both French and English, with each letter being no more than one page long.
  3. Typically, the following certifications are sought and legalized: a birth certificate, a current physical fitness certificate (issued within 6 months of the application files being reviewed), a recent medical certificate from an internationally renowned clinic, a vaccination card against current emerging pandemics (Covid-19, etc.); a certificate of nationality, a certificate of good conduct or equivalent.
  4. For each academic year, certified copies of previously acquired university diplomas and photocopies of transcripts are required (original diplomas must be presented for confirmation of enrolment at ERAIFT).
  5. A certificate of availability from the employer for the period of the training at ERAIFT is necessary for the public servant applicant (24 months of training).
  6. Three letters of recommendation.
  7. A three-page overview of the applicant’s updated curriculum vitae, highlighting his or her qualifications and providing references to scientific publications (list of publications and scans of the first page of the publication; etc.).
  8. Three passport photographs taken recently (one of which should be attached to the application form).
  9. Scan of the first two pages of a valid passport with a validity period of at least two years.
  10. A handwritten and signed statement of honor attesting that once enrolled in this Master’s program, the applicant would strictly adhere to ERAIFT’s study and examination norms.

How to Apply for the UNESCO-ERAIFT Regional Masters Scholarship

Applicants for the UNESCO-ERAIFT Regional Masters Scholarships must submit a comprehensive dossier to ERAIFT, which includes the criteria specified above.

All applications should be sent to ERAIFT as a single pdf file to recruitment @eraift-rdc.org, with a copy to [email protected], with the subject line “My application to the Regional Masters Programme, 4th class.”

Click here for additional information.

Deadline for application: February 28, 2022.

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