Tunza 28th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors 2022

Tunza 28th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors 2022 applications are now available.

The Eco-generation Regional Ambassador is a prestigious position given to young people aged 13 to 24 who are competent to represent Tunza Eco-generation, an international environmental networking platform for children and youth.

The Eco-generation Regional Ambassador Program offers unique chances to actively organize, implement, and engage in a variety of environmental awareness initiatives in each area and nation.

The spirit and principles of Tunza Eco-generation must be embodied by the Eco-generation Regional Ambassador in his or her role as a representative of Tunza Eco-generation. Regional Eco-generation Ambassadors must play a variety of tasks in order to promote and increase environmental consciousness in the regions and countries they represent.

Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors would speak on behalf of future generations on a global scale. Because new visitors’ initial impressions of Tunza Eco-generation will be formed by Eco-generation Ambassadors, the Ambassadors must be aware of current environmental challenges as well as information about the Tunza Eco-generation platform.


  • Personal environmental leadership skills improvement.
  • Promotions for one’s organization and/or environmental awareness activities may be improved.
  • Mentors give online mentoring to their Ambassador Reports.
  • The Ambassador may supply promotional items for environmental awareness programs that he or she plans and executes:

a. Ambassadors who complete four (four) necessary reports before the end of the second month are eligible for Ambassador Goods and Promotional Goods.

b. Eco-generation is not responsible for paying any taxes, including tariffs, on the requested items.

c. There are several nations where promotional products of up to 2kg may be supplied.

  • The Ambassador’s responsibilities have been completed successfully, as shown by this certificate.
    Letters of recommendation
  • The top three (three) ambassador reports will be published in the Tunza Eco-generation Newsletter, which is sent to all Tunza Eco-generation members on a monthly basis.
  • The title of ‘Most Inspirational Ambassador of the Term’ will be awarded to one (one) Ambassador who displays the most enthusiastic and active environmental initiatives while also participating in Tunza Eco-generation events. At the conclusion of the semester, the Most Inspirational Ambassador will receive a diploma and a keepsake. The Eco-generation team will organize and validate the selection process as well as the final conclusion.

Requirements for the Tunza 28th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors

  • Tunza Eco-generation participants aged 13 to 24 (as of February 22, 2022) are passionate about spreading news and tales about their local environmental challenges on a worldwide scale.

Criteria for Selection

60% of the application form + 40% of the activity points

  • A six-month coverage strategy based on actual action plans should be specified.
    Even after being chosen, any misleading information on an application form might result in disqualification or revocation of the post.
  • Any unethical method of collecting activity points may result in disqualification.

How to Apply for the Tunza 28th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors

From March 2022 to August 2022, the 28th Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors will serve for six (6) months.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline for application: February 22, 2022

Visit Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors for more information.

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