The Qalaa Holdings Graduate Scholarship for Egyptian Students 2022

For the academic year 2022/23, the Qalaa Holdings Foundation in Egypt is accepting applications for the Qalaa Holdings Scholarship, which is accessible to Egyptian citizens who live in Egypt and are under the age of 35.

The Qalaa Holdings Scholarship Foundation was established in 2007 with a strong desire to contribute to national development by developing high-quality professionals to aid Egypt’s progress across all industries.

The Foundation is supported by a Qalaa Holdings endowment to provide academic scholarships to brilliant and promising young Egyptian men and women wishing to pursue master’s degrees in any subject of study overseas.

In all of its investments and operations, Qalaa Holdings prioritizes innovation, value generation, and sustainability. Qalaa Holdings, located in Cairo, Egypt, was created in 2004 and has offices in Algiers, Algeria, and Nairobi, Kenya.

Worth of Scholarship

  • The QHSF offers two types of scholarships: full scholarships that cover tuition and living costs, and partial scholarships that solely cover tuition.
  • Tuition expenses are limited to $50,000 USD each year.

Requirements for the Qalaa Holdings Graduate Scholarship

  • The applicant must be under 35 years old.
  • Egyptian nationality is required, as well as a residency in Egypt.
  • After graduation, the applicant must have a minimum of two years of job experience.
  • Is going to continue his or her education in their chosen field at one of the world’s best institutions.
  • Acceptance to the institution and program of interest is required.
  • The applicant must send a letter of unconditional acceptance (with the exception of a funding condition).
  • Excellent mastery of the studied language.
  • Excellent mastery of the English language is required.
  • Experience in civic, public, or international issues (NGOs, volunteer work, etc.) would be beneficial.
  • A real financial necessity must exist.
  • No additional partial scholarships or awards have been awarded to you (with the exception of waivers from the University of choice itself).
  • Graduates must commit to working in Egypt for a minimum of two years after completing the program.
  • The status of military service must be made clear (for males).

How to Apply for the Qalaa Holdings Graduate Scholarship

The following items must be included in your application package:

  • Scholarship application form
  • a copy of your admission letter to your preferred university
  • a copy of the (completed) application form sent to your preferred university
  • a revised curriculum vitae
  • two letters of recommendation (academic and professional)
  • Military Certificate Copies (for Males only)

Deadline for application: April 15th, 2022.

For more information and to apply, go here.

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