Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellowship 2022 (up to $5,000)

The Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellowship 2022 is now accepting applications.

Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellowship

This Fellowship is a fantastic chance for journalists to use their abilities to create articles for Mongabay on conservation technology research.

The WildTech Reporting Fellow will work directly with Mongabay editors over the course of the six-month part-time program to improve their writing abilities and publish a series of pieces on Mongabay’s independent news platform, which has over four million monthly readers worldwide.


For the length of the program, the Fellow will earn a $5,000 honorarium.

Other advantages include:

  • Experience working at a high-profile news organization as a journalist
  • At Mongabay, I’m learning about journalistic systems and methods.
  • Joining a community of brilliant and enthusiastic authors Coaching and support:
  • Mongabay employees will be available for a meet and greet training session via Skype, as well as a Q&A session.
  • Working with a variety of editors and getting advice and criticism
  • Developing your writing abilities
  • Practicing interviewing techniques
  • Resume building
  • Letters of recommendation and personal references from Mongabay

Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellowship | Eligibility Criteria

  • Journalists from all around the globe are welcome to apply.
  • Have a strong knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken.
  • Have exceptional communication abilities.
  • Be a self-motivator
  • Environmental issues fascinate me.
  • Maintain a strong optimistic outlook.
  • Be teachable and willing to learn.
  • Have strong personal and professional principles.
  • Have problem-solving abilities
  • Conservation technology has sparked an interest.

How to Apply for the Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellowship

The following papers must be submitted by applicants (have these things ready before starting the application process):

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Explain why you’re interested and how you can help Mongabay with your ideas and abilities.
  • Indicate whether you’ve worked in conservation technology or a similar sector before. If not, please explain why you felt obliged to apply for this position.
  • Submit a writing sample (maximum of 600 words) from a journal entry or blog piece, or select one of the three articles below to complete a writing sample.

Optional: provide a separate writing sample of your own.

Deadline: April 29, 2022

Visit WildTech Reporting Fellowship for more information.

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