Sudkulturfonds Grants 2022 for Artists in the Global South and East

Sudkulturfonds Grants 2022 for Artists from the Global South and East are now accepting applications.

Sudkulturfonds Grants

This fund was created by the Sudkulturfonds to help 100 artists in the early stages of their careers from qualified countries in the global south and east.

Despite travel limitations, the CHF 1,000 incentive recognizes creative talent and brings awardees to the attention of cultural promoters and presenters throughout Switzerland.

About the Call

The open appeal for 100 Artists is in reaction to travel limitations caused by the epidemic. Access to the cultural marketplace and professional networks in Switzerland and Europe has been largely closed off for artists from Sudkulturfonds partner nations. As a result, numerous events and possibilities for Swiss cultural producers and presenters to meet and recognize rising artists from all over the world have vanished.

This call for submissions is part of a longer-term effort to foster virtual contacts, establish and promote digital networks, and highlight the unique creative accomplishments of the global south and east, despite their restricted mobility. The scholarship seeks to support qualifying artists’ professional and financial lives early in their careers while also promoting their visibility in the Swiss cultural market.


The award for 100 Artists is worth CHF 1,000. In addition, our extensive network of arts and cultural promoters and presenters, notably in Switzerland, will be notified of the award beneficiaries.

Sudkulturfonds Grants | Eligibility Criteria

Open to professional artists and art collectives from Africa, Latin America, Southeast, and Southwest Asia, and East Europe who are both from and based in one of the qualifying countries (Non-EU countries). Check the DAC List of ODA Recipients to see whether your country of residence and employment are included.

The 100 Artists open call is for artists and art collectives with 2-10 years of professional experience who are in the early stages of their careers.

This award was created for artists and art collectives that have yet to gain widespread recognition in their area, in the media, in financing circles, or in the general public.

Required materials

The following items are needed to be submitted:

  • Video about the artist
  • English transcription of a video
  • Biography
  • 1-2 examples of your work
  • Completed form

How to Apply for the Sudkulturfonds Grants

Check your eligibility: Before applying, please review the eligibility nation list, which contains the names of all the countries that accept artist applications.

Create an account by filling out the form below. To register as a Sudkulturfonds user and obtain your own login, you must need a valid email address. To the right, fill out the registration form.

Login: To access the online application form for 100 Artists, log in using your username and password.

Complete the online application form, which serves as a template for submitting all information, including the artist profile video and supporting documentation. Asterisks indicate mandatory information on the application form. You have the option of seeing and submitting the application in either English or French. To access the application form, please choose either French or English — German and Italian* are not supported. Each program is password-protected and may be viewed and updated later using the user’s login.

Complete your application and submit it before May 8, 2022 (23:59 UTC +2). Only this online application method will accept submissions. You will get an email confirming that your submission has been received. The jury’s final verdict is communicated to applicants during the first two weeks of July 2022.

Sudkulturfonds Grants have further information.

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