Subject Combination For Psychology in WAEC and JAMB

In the article, I will show you the subject combination for psychology in your O’level result (SSCE/WAEC) and on Jamb.

However, you will also discover the list of universities offering psychology in this post.

Basically, Psychology is an art course you can apply for admission to a Nigerian university. But to get admission into the university programme is always competitive.

Moreover, I will go a long way in informing you about the WAEC subject combination for psychology.

Not only that you will discover what is the Jamb subject combination for studying psychology.

The art course has its own direct entry requirement as well as A level requirements for students.

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What is the Psychology course all about?

You will examine some of the largest thinkers of humankind, including their study of existence, knowledge, motivation, purpose, values, and reason. 

To study psychology is to engage with questions that have remained humankind for happiness. For you to get admitted very fast, you need to know all the required documents and procedures.

Don’t worry!

I will cover all the necessary information about the subject combination of psychology on this page.

But first of all, let me start with the SSCE/WAEC (O’level) subject combination for psychology.

WAEC Subject Combination for psychology.

Here are the WAEC subject combination for psychology in any Nigerian University;

  • English Language
  • Mathematics
  • Government
  • Economics and;
  • Any other two art or social science subjects

However, this subject combination of psychology is for all the O’level certifications including NECO, NABTEB, GCE, and WAEC.

Generally, you are required to have at least five credits in those above-mentioned subjects.

If you have a credit in the above-mentioned subjects, it will be easy for you to secure admission to study psychology.

Besides, you are required to obtain at least a pass (D7 or E8) in Mathematics. But before I forget, do note that a language subject such as Yoruba, Igbo or Efik/Ibibio is compulsory for Psychology.

You are not required to do all these languages but only the one that is related to you.

It is compulsory because it is your area of communication and cannot be waived.

Now let me move to show you what are the Jamb subject combination for psychology.

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Jamb Subject combination for Psychology

Apart from your O’level subject combination.

You will also need to select four subjects for your Jamb examination including the Use of English.

Here are the Jamb subject combination for psychology;

  • Use of English
  • Government
  • Economics
  • Mathematics/Biology/Lit. in English/ or any art subject

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) require you to score 180 before offering admission into studying Psychology.

But If you will like to take my advice, try as much as possible to score above 200.

This is because the course is competitive among applicants.

But if you cannot successful have your way to the university to study Psychology. You can choose to consider the following option as an alternative;

  • ND in Mass Communication, Public Administration or related.
  • HND in Mass Communication, Public Administration or related.
  • Predegree (18 months)
  • IJBM

First, find out if your university of choice offer direct entry admission to a student with the above-mentioned requirements.

In addition to that, most of the best universities in Africa offers this course with scholarships.

Direct Entry Requirements for Psychology

If you didn’t succeed to secure admission into your choice of the university through Jamb, there is still a way out.

As for what I said before, you can consider the above-mentioned degree or certification to be granted a direct entry admission.

But there is still direct entry requirements to study psychology in Nigerian University.

The requirement is that you must graduate with at least a 2.1 equivalent in your institution. If it was polytechnic, a lower credit is considered or 70% higher score in related certification.

Your O’level requirement is still the same and there is no shortcut.

However, If you are still good to go, I have a list of universities offering Psychology which I am about to show you.

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List of Universities Offering Psychology in Nigeria.

Here are the list of universities offering Psychology in Nigeria.

  • Covenant University Ota
  • Plateau State University Bokkos (PLASU)


Psychology is not only a course for art students only.

However, both science and commercial student can study this course only if you meet the O’level requirements

Graduate from this field of study is open for employment in the following industries;

  • Law
  • Education (as a teacher/lecturer)
  • Civil service
  • The local and Federal Government
  • Marketing
  • Mass Media
  • Journalism
  • Psychotherapy
  • Solicitor and many more.

Psychology makes you see things more obvious than other humans.

Crime, inequality, and unfairness are always in a transparent form to a psychology graduate.

It is a subject for those who condemn limitations more than anything else.

Moreover, if you have any questions concerning this course kindly share them with me in the comment below.

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