Top 5 Scholarships in Sweden 2022

Top 5 Scholarships in Sweden | Sweden is home to several internationally recognized institutions and businesses.

Top 5 Scholarships in Sweden

The majority of EU/EEA citizens have found it to be an enticing educational location since learning here is free!

If you are a non-EU/EEA student, you may also apply for a scholarship to help you meet your financial obligations.

The greatest international scholarships available in Sweden are discussed in this article.

You may be wondering why this list only includes scholarships for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

To be sure, regardless of your country of origin, applying for a Ph.D. degree in Sweden is free!

It’s similar to applying for a job, only you won’t have to pay tuition and instead will get paid monthly.

 1. Lund University Global Scholarship Program:

  • Scholarship Amount: Tuition Waiver, Partial or Full
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are both acceptable.

The “Lund University Global Scholarship” Programme awards excellent students from outside the EU and EEA. 

The Swedish Migration Agency requires that you can afford to live in Sweden before applying for a scholarship.

You must be a non-EU or non-EEA citizen and have applied to a program at Lund University to be eligible for this grant.

Your application will be sent to another site after you have paid the application cost.

If you applied to Lund University first, you have a greater chance of winning a scholarship.

You must submit a 600-word motivation statement explaining why you deserve a Lund University scholarship.

Because the scholarship is merit-based, financial hardship will not be a factor.

Only those who have excelled academically and are keen to join Lund University.

Several scholarship programs exist at Lund University.

Most scholarships require candidates to have completed two semesters at Lund University.

  • The Global Scholarship for Current Students is a merit-based prize given to current students who have excelled academically.
  • Undergraduate and Master’s students are eligible for university scholarships, as well as student nation scholarships. Scholarships are available for undergraduate, master’s, and research students around the country.
  • Students at Lund University who are actively enrolled are eligible for travel funds for study abroad or travel related to their studies.
  • Swedish foundation scholarships are awarded to Lund University students from various backgrounds on an annual basis.
  • Prospective students may apply for scholarships and prizes.
  • University and student country scholarships: University scholarships are available to undergraduate and master’s students. Scholarships are available for undergraduate, master’s, and research students around the country.
  • Current Lund University students are eligible for study abroad and degree-related travel funds.
  • Swedish foundation scholarships are awarded to Lund University students from a variety of backgrounds each year.

The following scholarships and prizes are available to prospective students:

  • A Lund University Global Scholarship is open to students from countries outside of the European Union and the European Economic Area.
  • Master’s scholarships in Industrial Design, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Management are available.
  • Foreign students studying Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and post-doctoral degrees at the Swedish Institute are eligible for Swedish Institute scholarships.
  • Chilean, Colombian, Indonesian, Mexican, and Russian students may apply for scholarships.
  • Lund University Master’s students may participate in a European combined Master’s program.

Visit the official website of Lund university scholarship

2. Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals:

  • Scholarship Amount: Full-tuition waiver, Monthly living expenses of the SEK 10,000, Health insurance, and Airfare of SEK 15,000
  • Eligible Degree: Master’s

To encourage the best students from particular countries to pursue graduate degrees in Sweden, the Swedish Institute offers SISGP scholarships.

Tuition, housing, and health insurance are all included.

The “Swedish Institute (SI)” is a government agency that awards 300 scholarships each year to international master’s degree students studying at Swedish institutions.

For a period of up to two years, the scholarship covers the entire cost of a master’s degree program.

Candidates must have a minimum of 3,000 hours of work experience from one of three different companies, as well as a demonstrated ability to lead.

Additionally, you must have been accepted into the Master’s program in Sweden to be eligible for the award.

Furthermore, this Sweden grant is intended for students from their list of 42 qualifying nations.

If you are approved, you will no longer have to pay tuition and will be given a monthly allowance of SEK 10,000 for living costs and health insurance.

Furthermore, if you live outside of Sweden, your airline expenses are paid up to SEK 15,000 once only.

Students from the 42 nations listed below:

Azerbaijan;  Armenia; Bolivia; Brazil; Bangladesh; Belarus; Cameroon;  Cambodia; Colombia; Ecuador; Ethiopia; Egypt; Georgia; Guatemala; Gambia; Ghana; Indonesia; Honduras; Jordan; Kenya; Malawi; Liberia; Morocco;  Myanmar (Burma); Moldova; Nigeria;  Nepal; Philippines;  Pakistan; Peru; Rwanda; Russian Federation; Sudan; Sri Lanka; Tunisia; Tanzania; Turkey; Ukraine; Uganda; Vietnam; Zimbabwe; Zambia.


  • You must be a citizen of a nation that is eligible for SI scholarships to be eligible for the SISGP (see above).
  • You must have at least 3,000 hours of work experience from a maximum of three organizations/companies prior to 10 February 2022.
  • You must apply for a Master’s degree program that is qualified for SI funding (see above). Depending on your nation of citizenship, the institution prioritizes program in certain academic areas.
  • You must have exhibited leadership experience in your present or past work, as well as in your civic commitments.
  • You must be obligated to pay tuition in Swedish universities.

Scholarship amount/inclusions/term:

  • Full tuition, monthly living expenses of SEK 10,000, insurance, and a one-time trip prize of SEK 10,000-15,000 are all covered by the scholarship (only for scholarship holders living outside Sweden).
  • Only full-time one-year or two-year master’s programs that begin in the autumn semester are eligible for the funding.
  • Family members are not eligible for any further rewards. It also does not cover the expense of applying for university admissions.

Visit the official website of the Swedish Institute scholarship

3. KTH Royal Institute of Technology:

KTH Royal Institute of Technology is one of the most prestigious technical institutes not only in Sweden but also in Europe, because of its outstanding research activities in technology and innovation enhancement.

Students interested in science and technology may pursue a range of degrees at this college. It provides 60 Master’s degrees in English and one Bachelor’s degree.

It also has a prestigious Ph.D. program.

The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) is a center for engineering and research in Stockholm, Sweden. KTH is known as “Sweden’s leading plant school for chief executive executives (CEO)” by the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

The KTH Royal Institute of Technology, founded in 1697, is one of the world’s most prominent educational institutions. In the QS World University Rankings for 2019.

Scholarships Available For International Students:

  • KTH Scholarship: tuition for the first and second years is waived.
  • Students who are in their second academic year at KTH are eligible for a one-year tuition waiver via the KTH One-Year Scholarship.
  • The KTH India Scholarship covers the whole program’s tuition costs. Includes a monthly stipend for the academic year (ten months), which may be extended.
  • scholarship for the KTH Joint Program: remission of tuition for KTH study time.

External grants:

  • Sweden’s Institute
  • Scholarship organizations linked with KTH

Visit the official website of the KTH Royal scholarship

 4. Uppsala University Global Scholarships:

Citizens of countries outside of the European Union and the European Economic Area (EEA), as well as Switzerland, are eligible to pursue master’s degrees at the University of Uppsala.

These scholarships only cover tuition; they do not cover living costs.

Uppsala University is a Swedish university located in the city of Uppsala. Uppsala Institution has been the oldest university in Sweden and the Nordic area since its founding in 1477.

In several high-profile international rankings, the University has been named one of the finest in the world.

In the 2019 QS World University Rankings, it is currently placed #117.

One of Sweden’s oldest institutions, Uppsala University, is ranked 99th in the world.

With 45,000 students, it is well-known for its amazing culture and varied student population. It is well-known for its research and high-quality educational programs.

Natural science and mathematics, law, social science, engineering and technology, computer science and information technology, art, design and architecture, and humanities are among the courses offered at this university.

International students who pay their tuition at Uppsala University are eligible for many scholarships each year. These scholarships include:

  • Anders Wall Scholarship Foundation for Uppsala University Studies
  • The Anders Wall Scholarship Foundation for Uppsala University Studies
  • The Swedish American Scholarship Foundation
  • New York Chamber of Commerce

External grants are also available to help students pay for their education:

  • The Swedish Institute of Scholarships (Swedish Institute of Scholarships) is a
  • The Rotary World Peace Fellowship is a non-profit organization dedicated to world peace.

visit the official website of the Uppsala scholarship

 5. Visby Program

  • Scholarship Amount: complete tuition waiver, SEK 9,000 monthly living costs, health insurance, and SEK 5,000 flight
  • Master’s degree is required.

Foreign master’s students from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Moldova, and Ukraine may apply for the Visby Programme Scholarship, which is one of Sweden’s most prestigious international student grants.

If you are a dual citizen of any of the countries listed above, you should only apply for one of them.

Students pursuing master’s degrees in environmental and social sustainability and responsibility, as well as sustainable economic development, are given precedence among the 600 master’s programs available.

You must have suitable work experience, either part-time or full-time, in addition to being accepted into a master’s program.

If you don’t have any work experience, your scholarship application will be rejected.

Additionally, if you have previously won a SI scholarship at a university, are currently enrolled at a Swedish university or institution,

and have Swedish citizenship or permanent residence status, your application may be invalidated.

The Visby Program offers a few full scholarships to enable students from Armenia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, and Ukraine to finish their master’s degrees in Stockholm.

In addition to the SEK 9,000 per month tuition and housing costs, there is a one-time travel grant of SEK 5,000.

Visit the official website Visby scholarship

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