Sacred Heart Sanctuary Scholarship at the University of Roehampton in UK 2022

The University of Roehampton in London, United Kingdom, is accepting applications for the Sacred Heart Sanctuary Scholarship for the academic year 2022/23.

Sacred Heart Sanctuary Scholarship

The Sacred Heart Sanctuary Scholarship is intended to assist students who might otherwise be unable to pursue higher education due to their immigration status.

Worth of Award

The scholarship entitles recipients to the following support for each year of undergraduate study:

  • a full tuition fee waiver;
  • 52 weeks of paid for on-campus accommodation per year (where required).


  • access to a Maintenance Grant equivalent to the maximum government Maintenance Loan for each academic year.

Sacred Heart Sanctuary Scholarship Requirements

One student will receive the Sanctuary Scholarship if they match the following criteria:

  • Currently residing in the United Kingdom and having a UK postcode;
  • Achieve or surpass their projected A level or equivalent grades;
  • Applying to the University of Roehampton to pursue an undergraduate degree (including four-year extended degrees);
  • Are seeking asylum or humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom, or are a dependant or partner of an asylum seeker who meets the following criteria:
  • Refugee;
  • Humanitarian protection status – a kind of residual protection accessible to persons who are not qualified for refugee status, do not have a right to subsidiary protection, and cannot be removed from national territory due to objective and severe personal circumstances;
  • Discretionary/limited leave to stay based on human rights, including UASC (unaccompanied asylum-seeking children) – awarded to those who can show the Home Office that their circumstances are compelling on humanitarian grounds or that they may be granted status outside of UK Immigration Rules;
  • Submitted an asylum claim in the United Kingdom – a person who has applied for asylum in the United Kingdom and is awaiting a response from the government.
  • Due to their immigration status, they are ineligible to obtain UK Government Student Finance (tuition fee loans or maintenance loans/grants).

How to Apply for Sacred Heart Sanctuary Scholarship

To apply, please complete an application form

Deadline: Application is ongoing. Applicants will receive a decision on their application no later than 31 August 2022.

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