SAB Foundation Social Innovation & Disability Empowerment Awards 2022

The SAB Foundation Social Innovation & Disability Empowerment Awards 2022 are now accepting applications.

The SAB Foundation encourages and invests in social entrepreneurs and social innovation, with a focus on women and youth, rural residents, and individuals with disabilities.

The Social Innovation Award is for innovators, social entrepreneurs, institutions, and social enterprises who have prototypes or are in the early stages of development and can solve a social problem.

The Disability Empowerment Award is given to innovators, social entrepreneurs, institutions, and social businesses who provide solutions for persons with disabilities.


  • The awards range from R200 000 to R1 300 000, with business development assistance to help the enterprise flourish.
  • The grantees are examined on a case-by-case basis and placed on a personalized mentorship program in addition to the prize money mentioned above.

SAB Foundation Social Innovation & Disability Empowerment Awards| Eligibility  Criteria

  • Open to any innovative solution that demonstrates potential as a sustainable business while also meeting a demonstrable social and/or economic need as evidenced by the SAB Foundation’s target low-income beneficiary groups (with a particular emphasis on innovation that benefits women, youth, people with disabilities, and those in rural areas).
  • Individuals, innovators, entrepreneurs, social businesses, and university departments from South Africa are encouraged to enter. Individuals may participate as individuals or as members of a team, with one individual team leader filling out the online application form.
    The submitted idea must be the applicant’s original work and must be real innovation and/or a significant advance over existing technology, product, service, manufacturing technique, or business model.
  • Product innovation refers to changes in both goods and services that are classified as new or enhanced. The attributes and intended applications of a new product differ from those of current items. It might make use of new technology, information, or goods, or a mix of all three.
  • It might make use of new technology, information, or goods, or a mix of all three. An upgraded product is one that has had its performance greatly improved, either in terms of greater output or cost reduction.
  • The adaptation or invention of better ways to deliver a product or service is known as process innovation. Changes in knowledge, perception, and understanding might be to blame. Process innovations can help to reduce poverty by increasing the level of service delivery to recipients or allowing practitioners to reach previously unreached groups of people.
  • The applicant’s innovative solution must have advanced beyond “blue-sky” ideation and show some indication of investment. This implies that applicants must be able to demonstrate that they invested time and/or money developing the invention before submitting it, such as designing, producing, and testing prototypes, doing market and industry research and creating a business strategy.
  • All South African citizens aged 18 and up are eligible to apply. With their online applications, all participants (“Entrants”) must present a certified copy of their South African Identity Document.

Criteria for Evaluation

Originality: What is the solution’s level of innovation? Is it a brand-new business model, technology, product, service, or manufacturing process?

Can the invention address a critical social issue that impacts the SAB Foundation’s target groups?

Viability: How financially viable is the innovation/solution in order to secure its long-term viability?

Applicability to SAB Foundation’s Target Groups: Which of SAB Foundation’s target groups can use this social innovation to improve their overall quality of life significantly?

Job Creation: Is there presently or in the future the possibility for the development of direct and indirect sustainable jobs?

How to Apply for the SAB Foundation Social Innovation & Disability Empowerment Awards

By March 25, 2022, at noon, the online application must be completed and submitted.

To apply, click here.

For more details, visit SAB Foundation.

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