Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering, 2023 (Up to £500,000)

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering is currently accepting nominations from eligible candidates for the year 2023.

The QEPrize welcomes public submissions for a broad range of engineering breakthroughs from all areas of the profession, as well as a diverse group of nominators from throughout the world.

The prize is the world’s most prestigious engineering honour, given to up to five engineers who have created a daring, game-changing technical invention that benefits mankind worldwide.

Engineering serves us in every part of life, and the frontiers are always shifting. This is reflected in the QEPrize, which covers various disciplines and industries.

Engineering’s fruits range from nanoscale devices that get medicines to where they’re needed in the body to the world’s largest – and greenest – buildings; from the pinpoint accuracy of heart surgery robots to the proliferation of ever-faster multiplatform broadband applications; from hi-tech fabrics to make the smart clothes of the future to new, clean, and green energy sources to power the world.

Engineering also encourages the exchange of ideas and information, enabling people to pursue their goals of freedom, security, and improved quality of life.

Award: A £500,000 prize is awarded to one individual, or a team of up to five people, responsible for a ground-breaking innovation in engineering that has been of global benefit to humanity.

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering Eligibility

  • The QEPrize is an international competition available to people of all nationalities.
  • Nominations and recommendations from all across the globe are welcome. Self-nomination and posthumous nomination are the sole restrictions.

Judging Criteria: The judges will use these criteria to select the winner, or winners, of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering:

  • What is it that this person has done (or up to five people have done) that is a ground-breaking innovation in engineering?
  • In what way has this innovation been of global benefit to humanity?
  • Is there anyone else who might claim to have had a pivotal role in this development?


Click here to nominate.

Deadline: July 15, 2022

Visit the official website for more information.

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