PhD scholarship on Gender and Diversity in Accounting and Finance in Denmark 2022

In the academic year 2022/23, Copenhagen Business School welcomes proposals for a PhD scholarship on Gender and Diversity in Accounting and Finance.

This role will look at how and why there is a scarcity of female talent pursuing professions in accounting and finance, and if this deficit is due to gender, personality qualities, or other personal characteristics.

PhD applications that examine the causes, effects, and opportunities of gender and diversity across various vocations are highly welcome (e.g. corporate accounting, auditing, asset management, private equity, investment banking and corporate finance).

This post is in the Accounting Department. Professor Thomas Riise Johansen and Associate Professor Jeppe Christoffersen are leading this study, which is focused on the consequences of restricted gender (and other types of) diversity in accounting and finance career paths.

It, therefore, addresses current issues and intends to contribute to public, professional, and corporate conversations on these topics.

As a result, the PhD must be revitalized by interacting with businesses and professionals as part of the research and dissemination process.

The PhD student will work closely with their supervisors and benefit from the department of accounting and CBS’s worldwide research environment.

Fieldwork, data collecting, and registration data are all eligible for financial assistance for this project. Professor Thomas Riise Johansen ([email protected]) and Associate Professor Jeppe Christoffersen ([email protected]) are anticipated to oversee the student.

Before submitting an application, candidates are highly urged to contact Thomas or Jeppe for casual talks and information about the role.

Worth of Scholarship

  • According to the national Danish collective agreement, the three-year scholarships are fully paid employment.
  • The scholarship covers school expenses, office space, travel subsidies, and a monthly income ranging from approx. DKK 27.871 to DKK 33.659 depending on seniority, as well as a 17.1% pension contribution. The appointment and compensation shall be determined in line with an agreement between the Ministry of Finance and the Central Academic Organization.
  • The PhD candidate will attend CBS’ PhD School.

Requirements for the PhD scholarship on Gender and Diversity

The candidate must meet the following criteria in order to be considered.

  • hold a master’s degree in basic education (equivalent to the 3 + 2 Bologna process)
  • have obtained a mark of 10 (or equivalent) on the Danish 7-point grading system for their master’s thesis
  • have a combined weighted grade point average of at least 8.2 on the Danish 7-point grading system, or a weighted grade point average of at least 9.5 for the master’s degree alone
  • before beginning the PhD program at CBS, you must have finished your master’s degree.
  • master academic English writing and speaking at a high level

How to Apply for the PhD scholarship on Gender and Diversity

A five-page project description must be included in the application. The following items must be included in the project description:

  • a presentation of a unique research problem
  • an explanation of the theoretical framework and procedure that was used at the beginning
  • a presentation of the empirical data that will be used
  • a three-year strategy of action

Copies of the following documents must be submitted in addition to the project description:

  • diplomas for bachelor’s and master’s degrees, as well as other similar certifications and grade transcripts
  • a curriculum vitae that is succinct (CV)
  • a list of publications and articles (if applicable)
  • one example of a chosen piece of writing (e.g., a master’s thesis)
  • English language skills documents

Deadline for application: March 1, 2022.

For more information and to apply, click here.

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