PhD Position at the Department of Strategy and Innovation in Denmark 2022

The Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School is accepting applications for a PhD position. The anticipated launch date is September 1, 2022.

The PhD post is linked to Associate Professor Valentina Tartari’s research project “The Effects of Research Funding on the Rate and Direction of Science,” which is sponsored by the Danish Independent Research Council via a Sapere Aude Research Leader award.

Valentina Tartari is the director of a research group in the field of science economics and management.

The PhD student will join the study with the goal of examining how funding rejections affect academics’ career choices.

The research will be focused on life sciences disciplines, and it will be conducted using a combination of methodologies, including registry data combined with comprehensive bibliometric and funding data, as well as surveys and interviews.

The PhD student will work on current topics as well as contribute to the development of new initiatives.

Worth of Scholarship

  • Teaching responsibilities are part of the PhD scholarship.
  • According to the national Danish collective agreement, the three-year scholarships are fully paid employment.
  • The scholarship covers tuition, office space, travel subsidies, and a monthly income ranging from DKK 28,000 (about 3,700 euro) to DKK 31,600 (approximately 4,200 euro), depending on seniority, and a pension contribution of 17.1 percent of the basic pay.
  • The Ministry of Finance’s collective agreement with the Central Academic Organization determines the wage level and appointment.

Requirements for the PhD Position at the Department of Strategy and Innovation

Applicants with the following criteria will be given preference by the Department: outstanding university grades, an educational background in the social sciences, and, ultimately, fluency in English.

It is essential to have a deep interest in scientific issues.

To be accepted for the three-year program, the applicant must have completed a master’s level of training (equivalent to the 3 + 2 Bologna process with a total of 180+120 ECTS).

Applicants with a one-year Master’s degree, on the other hand, maybe eligible for review.

PhD students who begin the program with a one-year Master’s degree (60 ECTS) will be offered a four-year program and will be treated as Master’s students for the first two years.

How to Apply for the PhD Position at the Department of Strategy and Innovation

By the application deadline, Copenhagen Business School must have received all application materials, including any appendices. The application must be submitted using the electronic recruiting system, which may be found at the link below.

The following items must be included in the application materials:

  • Diplomas and grade transcripts from Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • A list of papers and publications, if applicable.
  • A written work sample (e.g., a Master’s thesis),
  • A five-page project description for a PhD. This research proposal should include an original research question related to the above-mentioned issue, a description of the initial theoretical framework and methodology, a presentation of the recommended empirical material, and a work plan.

Deadline for application: March 10, 2022.

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