The finest chance OECD PARIS PAID INTERNSHIP is back at Scholarship Hive. This is a fully sponsored as well as a compensated internship.


For this internship, you will be paid a monthly stipend to cover all of your expenditures.

You just need to be a student at an institution that is relevant to the OECD Paris Internship program’s specified disciplines.

Don’t worry about visa formalities; the OECD staff will assist you with your application.

There are several disciplines in which internship programs are accessible, and you will learn about a variety of topics throughout your internship.

This is a thirty-day internship, thus you must be available for all thirty days and have enrollment evidence from any institution.

The nicest part about the OECD internship program is that if you are not picked this year, you may apply again.

Applicants from all around the globe are welcome to apply. Students in master’s programs, doctoral programs, and bachelor’s degree programs are all eligible to apply.

Internship Areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Legal services
  • Finance, Budget, and Accounting
  • Office Administration
  • Communications, Media & Public Relations
  • Information Technology
  • Translation
  • Audit
  • Event Management

Following areas of research are available in this OECD Internship Program:

  • Climate
  • Gender Equality and Diversity
  • Development
  • Economy
  • Corruption and bribery
  • AI stands for Artificial Intelligence.
  • Education and Training
  • Employment
  • Energy
  • The growth that is inclusive
  • Governance of Corporations
  • Industry, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation
  • Environment
  • Competition in the Health Sector
  • Technology and Science
  • Finance
  • Digitalization
  • Migration on a global scale
  • Investment
  • Regulatory Change
  • Statistics
  • Tax
  • Governmental Administration
  • Transport
  • Development of the Region
  • Pensions and insurance
  • Tourism
  • Agriculture and Trade

OECD Internship Benefits:

  • A total stipend of 700 euros was provided to cover the intern’s living costs.
  • The OECD Paris team will help you with your visa application.


  • Students from all over the world can apply on this OECD Paris paid Internship program.
  • Applicants who are already studying in a field related to OECD internship are eligible to apply.
  • You should be fluent in English and French language for this internship.
  • You should have excellent communication skills with others.
  • Total duration of internship program is 30 days so you must be available for at least 30 days for this internship program.

Required Documents for OECD PARIS PAID INTERNSHIP:

  • Scanned copy of a valid foreign passport
  • You must be a student at any institution at the time of application and provide evidence of enrolment.
  • Health-care coverage

Visit the official website of OECD Paris paid internship

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