Mongabay Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellowship for Writers in USA 2022 (Win $5,000 )

Do you like writing articles about conservation technology research? Mongabay Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellowship for Writers in the United States is now accepting submissions for the year 2022.

Mongabay Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellowship

This opportunity allows the fellow to hone their writing talents and have their news items published on the company’s well-known website, which attracts over two million monthly visitors from across the world.

Over the course of a six-month commitment, you will write around six news pieces and six interviews on a range of conservation technology subjects as a WildTech Reporting Fellow (July-December 2022). One of the editors will assign you to a topic.

Similarly, you’ll collaborate directly with Mongabay journalists and get writing instructions and input on their news pieces before they’re published. You’ll also get one-on-one training and mentoring from the editors you’ll be working with, as well as a greater knowledge of journalistic initiatives and procedures at Mongabay.

Worth of Scholarship

For the course of the program, the WildTech Reporting Fellow will earn a $5,000 honorarium.

In addition, the individual has the potential to

• Work at a high-profile journalistic organization to get publishing expertise.

• Visit Mongabay to learn about journalism programs and methods.

• Become a member of a group of dedicated and skilled authors.

• Obtain coaching and assistance

• Attend a Skype meet-and-greet training session with Mongabay personnel and participate in a Q&A session.

• Collaborate with a variety of editors and get advice and comments

• Improve your writing abilities

• Improve your interviewing abilities.

• Creating a Resume

• Obtain letters of recommendation and personal references from Mongabay.

Mongabay Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellowship | Eligibility Criteria

You must be (a)/have (a)

• Outstanding communication abilities

• Self-motivator

• Enthusiastic about environmental issues

• Attitude of gratitude

• Adaptable and eager to learn

• Strong personal and professional values

• Ability to solve problems

• A desire to learn about conservation techniques

If you are interested in this position, please do not apply if you:

• Already contribute to Mongabay on a regular basis

• If you don’t speak English, this chance will be overseen by our English-speaking editorial staff.

How to Apply for the Mongabay Sue Palminteri WildTech Reporting Fellowship

The following papers must be submitted by applicants (have these things ready before starting the application process):

  • Resume
  • Cover letter

a). Explain why you’re interested and how you can help Mongabay with your ideas and abilities.

b). Indicate whether you’ve worked in conservation technology or a similar sector before. If not, please explain why you felt obliged to apply for this position.

  • Please include a writing sample from a journal entry or a blog post. If you don’t have a sample, you may complete a writing sample by selecting one of the three articles below (600 words max.)

a). Estimating the population size of a burrow nesting seabird using modern technologies to address an old issue

b). Is it possible to detect poachers in the African Bushveldt using handheld thermal imaging technology?

c). On Lake Tanganyika in East Africa, the adoption and ramifications of modern light-fishing equipment (LEDs).

d). If you want to, you may also submit a writing sample of your own.

Deadline for applications: April 29, 2022. (11:00 a.m. EDT [New York time]).

For more information and to apply, go here.

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