JournalismfundEu Modern Slavery Unveiled Grants 2022 (up to €80,000)

The JournalismfundEu Modern Slavery Unveiled Grants 2022 are currently accepting applications.

The goal of this funding initiative is to facilitate impartial journalistic investigations into Asian victims of human trafficking and forced labor in Europe.

Professional journalists from across the border may apply for a grant to cover working time and/or costs to research, record, and expose elements and instances of forced labor, cross-continental trafficking, and other concerns connected to the exploitation of Asian victims in Europe.

In addition to a grant, teams may apply for a mentor to help them with the investigation’s focus or the requirement for certain skill competencies.


  • Over the course of four application rounds, the Modern Slavery Unveiled funding program will give €320,000 in total.
  • The total sum available for distribution each call is €80,000.

A grant may be used to pay for two categories of research expenses:

  • Charges (both for freelance journalists and for employed staff journalists). Travel, visas, lodging, translation, fixers, access to pay databases, FOI requests, legal screening, and so on are examples of these.
  • Investment items (such as IT equipment, mobile phones, etc. ), office expenditures, production costs, food and beverage, and per diems are not eligible for a grant.
  • Research time (only for freelance journalists).

The money may only be used to support research expenditures, not manufacturing costs.

Requirements for the Modern Slavery Unveiled Grants

  • A proposal for a journalistic inquiry may be submitted by cross-border teams comprising at least two journalists from Europe and/or Asia.
  • Professional journalists are required to apply (written or audio-visual press). In this regard, personal recommendations and/or references to previous work are critical.
  • A grant may only be applied for by natural people.
  • The project proposal must concentrate on a specific feature or instance of Asian human trafficking and/or forced labor victims in Europe.
  • At least two professional news sources in at least two separate countries must publish the project. At least two professional news outlets must submit letters of intent for publishing.
  • Investigative journalism produced by professional media in any format, including print, web, broadcast, and cross-media, is eligible.
  • Newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television documentaries and series, photo reportages and books, podcasts, and journalistic non-fiction books are all eligible for a grant.

Criteria for Evaluation

The jury will evaluate the applications using the following criteria:

  • relation to the program’s thematic emphasis, namely the exploitation of Asian human trafficking and/or forced labor victims in Europe
  • When compared to conventional coverage, this adds value.
  • Aspects that are cross-border or cross-continent
  • research methodologies and presentation/storytelling quality
  • investigation feasibility, timing, and budget
  • The candidates’ experience and the structure of the team
  • work effort is required
  • combining research resources and expertise
  • being a vigilant observer of institutions, policies, and finances.

Finally, the panel will take into account the diversity of the initiatives that have been given funding. This entails a wide range of:

  • geographical area (both regarding stories and team members)
  • topics
  • approaches and methods
  • formats for publishing
  • the makeup of the squad

How to Apply for the Modern Slavery Unveiled Grants

You may access the online application form after completing a one-time registration using your email address.

You may freely traverse the form to choose which information you must submit in your application. This includes the following:

  • Members of the team’s personal information
  • details about the planned inquiry
  • details on how your article will be distributed
  • a comprehensive budget

The following papers will be required to be uploaded:

  • a passport photocopy
  • CV
  • letters of intent from reputable news organizations
  • a comprehensive budget (use the budget template)

A draft application may be started by one team member. He or she may then invite others to work on the online draft with them. The work-in-progress online application may be saved and changed at any time.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline for application: March 17, 2022

Visit JournalismfundEu for further details.

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