MEYS Intergovernmental Exchange Programmes Scholarship Awards 2022

The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MEYS) are seeking applicants for its MEYS Intergovernmental Exchange Programs Scholarship Awards in the Czech Republic in 2022.

MEYS annually awards scholarships to foreign nationals as part of intergovernmental exchange programs with particular nations.

These scholarships can only be awarded to candidates who have been formally approved by the authorized authorities in the eligible countries. These authorities gather applications, determine the application deadline, and arrange the selection process.

Worth of Award

  • The scholarship is worth $20,000 for the academic year 2022/2023.
  • For people without a Master’s degree or equivalent, the monthly salary is CZK 9,000.
  • For holders of a Master’s degree or equivalent, the monthly salary is CZK 9,500.
  • Unless they enroll in a different Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program in the Czech Republic.


There are affordable student dorms available, as well as the option to eat at student dining facilities.

Furthermore, scholarship recipients are excused from paying tuition.

MEYS Scholarship | Eligibility Criteria

This sort of scholarship is intended for university/college students, graduates, and PhD candidates. This is only in unusual cases for academic staff members who intend to conduct a study or research visits to one of the Czech public higher education institutions.

The grants, however, are not designed for summer language classes. This is due to the official website publishing a separate notice of scholarships for participation in the Summer Schools of Slavonic Studies.

How to Apply for MEYS Scholarship

  • In terms of applications, please keep in mind that applications sent directly to the MEYS by individual applicants will not be considered.
  • As a result, responsible authorities in qualifying countries must submit nominations and application dossiers to the MEYS.

As a result, each application dossier must include two copies of a fully completed and legible application form. Thus,

Students who are studying/researching for less than 30 days should produce documentation.

  • academic curriculum vitae;
  • list of publications (if applicable);
  • a detailed plan of study/research;
  • passport/ID copy.

Students who are studying/researching for more than 30 days should produce documentation.

  • curriculum vitae (CV) for academics;
  • (If appropriate), a list of publications;
  • a thorough study/research strategy;
  • two letters of recommendation, one from an academic supervisor and the other from an employer
  • photocopy of diploma (if applicable);
  • certified transcript(s) of records;
  • passport / ID copy.

Deadline: It is critical to understand that the deadlines for applications are determined by the proper authorities in the qualified nations.

Deadlines vary per country but are often set at the beginning of the calendar year. This is, of course, in order to satisfy the admission procedure’s future deadline.

Click here for more information and to apply.

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