Max Planck Internship Program in Germany (2022)

If you want to undertake an internship in Germany this summer, the Fully Funded Max Planck Internship in Germany is currently accepting applications from international students from all around the world.

Max Planck Internship

There is no application cost for the online application since this is a fully sponsored internship program.

This year, students in Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees may take advantage of this opportunity.

If you are interested in this internship opportunity.

You must be a student in one of the following fields: biology, chemistry, computer science, math, neuroscience, physics, or psychology, and the internship will last for two and a half months throughout the summer.

You should take advantage of this internship opportunity as well.

Benefits of Max Planck Internship

If you are chosen, you will get the following benefits:

  • Participants that are chosen will be provided with free housing.
  • A monthly stipend of 800 euros will be provided to all applicants, which will be more than adequate.
  • In addition, you will be reimbursed for all travel expenses to and from the Martinsried near Munich.

Requirements for Max Planck Internship | Eligibility Criteria

These are the essential requirements for Max Planck Internship program in Germany

  • This opportunity is open to international candidates from all around the globe.
  • Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology, and other relevant subjects are eligible to apply.
  • Students who have completed a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Post-degree Master’s and have earned some research experience are encouraged to apply.
  • We welcome submissions from outstanding students from all nations who have received top marks.

List of Documents required for Max Planck Internship

Here are the following documents you must submit to this Internship Program in either English or German.

  • Letters of recommendation or reference
  • One motivational letter 
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • If you have any prior experience, look into it.
  • Your transcripts from the university where you are presently enrolled.

How to Apply for Max Planck Internship 2022

The application process, like all other overseas internship opportunities, is entirely online, and you can start applying right now.

Simply submit all of the necessary documents to the website.


The deadline for submitting the online application form is February 15, 2022.

Visit the official website of Max Planck Internship Germany for more information

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