Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for Africans in South Africa 2022

For the academic year 2022/23, the Mandela Rhodes Foundation is accepting applications for the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship for Africans in South Africa.

Mandela Rhodes Scholarship

This scholarship will take you on a leadership experience that will change your life. It combines financial assistance with a leadership program that will push you to grow as a leader and link you with other young African changemakers like you.

Worth of Scholarship

  • The Mandela Rhodes Scholarship provides financial assistance to deserving students.
  • Your university or institution’s tuition and registration expenses
  • The MRF has established a study materials allowance.
  • MRF-determined stipends for lodging and meals
  • The MRF establishes a medical aid allowance.
  • The MRF establishes a personal allowance.
  • Grants for research and conferencing (available on request)

International researchers’ economy-class flights from their home nations to their universities at the start and completion of their studies.

Mandela Rhodes Scholarship | Eligibility Criteria

If you are:

  • between the ages of 19 and 29, or between the ages of 19 and 29, or between the years of
  • and you are a citizen of any African country
  • You are qualified to apply for the scholarship if you have a first degree with above-average academic performance (70 percent or upper second).
  • The organization is looking for young Africans who are passionate about helping others.
  • have shown the ability to embody the organization’s founding values of reconciliation, education, entrepreneurship, and leadership
  • They must have taken on leadership roles and had an influence on their college or community.

They must be interested in undertaking the personal, internal work of leadership in order to benefit from this training. This entails a dedication to growing in self-awareness through confronting tough aspects of oneself. This implies a readiness to learn from their cohorts’ diversity and uniqueness, as well as a willingness to investigate and appreciate complexity within themselves, others, and the systems around them.

How to Apply for the Mandela Rhodes Scholarship

As part of your application, you will be expected to produce three letters of recommendation.
You’ll also need to submit copies of your diplomas, transcripts of your academic achievements, and photos of your ID and passport papers.

You will also be required to submit two brief essays. One would be about your own experience, and the other would be about a particular inquiry on the foundation’s beliefs.

Deadline: April 21, 2022.

For more information and to apply, go here.

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