Lenovo Digital Transformation Grant for SMEs in Canada 2022

The Lenovo Digital Transformation Grant 2022 is now accepting applications.

Lenovo Digital Transformation Grant

Lenovo is contributing $100,000 to the Scale-Up Institute Toronto’s Recovery Activation Program (RAP) to assist women- or BIPOC-led SMEs in improving their digital maturity.

Ten outstanding women or BIPOC-owned or led firms will receive Lenovo digital transformation awards if they can show their small business’ equity, diversity, and inclusion actions and have completed one or more RAP program parts.

Program Details

The Recovery Activation Program assists small businesses in using technology to attract new consumers, increase supply-chain efficiency, digitally manage their workers, reduce expenses, and more.

The Digital Needs Assessment (DNA) is the starting point for a wide range of free RAP programming.

The Digital Blueprint Program and the Digital Certificate Program are two RAP programs that both require DNA completion.

The RAP Webcast Series is open to all interested SMEs via the Scale-Up Institute Toronto.

SMEs spend an average of $20,000 in digital transformation projects after completing a RAP stream.

By supporting half of the average expenditure needed, the Lenovo Digital Transformation Grant will provide women- or BIPOC-led SMEs a major boost on their digital transformation path.


  • Each SME will get $10,000 to help them realize their full potential via digital changes.

Lenovo Digital Transformation Grant Requirements

  • Open to businesses that are at least 50% owned or headed by women or people of color;
  • You’ve finished your Digital Needs Assessment (DNA) at this location.
  • Completed at least one RAP stream (RAP Digital Blueprint and/or Digital Certificate) – submit your DNA and their staff will contact you with RAP stream possibilities.

Application for Lenovo Digital Transformation Grant

The quality of replies to three application questions will be assessed in two ways: if the small business meets the minimum eligibility criteria and whether the small company meets the minimum eligibility standards.

Lenovo Digital Transformation Grant Deadline

To Apply, Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: January 10, 2022

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