LASU Change of Course/Supplementary Form, 2021/2022

LASU Change of Course/Supplementary Form. Candidates who participated in the 2021/2022 online admission screening process but were not admitted may apply for a change of course at Lagos State University, LASU.

LASU Change of Course/Supplementary Form

Interested candidates who had previously been screened for admission to Lagos State University but were not given provisional admission are now notified of the following vacancies:

  1. Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering
  2. Agriculture
  3. Arabic
  4. Arabic Education
  5. Banking and Finance
  6. Biology Education
  7. Business Education
  8. Chemical and Polymer Engineering
  9. Christian Religious Studies
  10. Christian Religious Studies Education
  11. Computer Science
  12. Computer Science Education
  13. Early Childhood Education
  14. Economics
  15. Economics Education
  16. Educational Management
  17. Electronics and Computer Engineering
  18. French
  19. French Language Education
  20. Geography and Planning
  21. Geography Education
  22. Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
  23. Insurance
  24. Islamic Religious Studies
  25. Marketing
  26. Mathematics
  27. Mathematics Education
  28. Mechanical Engineering
  29. Physical and Health Education
  30. Physics
  31. Physics Education
  32. Political Science
  33. Project Management Technology
  34. Psychology
  35. Public Administration
  36. Transport Management and Operations
  37. Yoruba
  38. Yoruba Education

They should go to to register, then search for a different course that interests them. Please note that this screening is completely free and requires no payment of any kind.

On Monday, March 28th, 2022, the portal would be closed.

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