Kaduna COE Expels Students for the Use of Ilegal Drugs

Kaduna College of Education (COE) Academic Board (AB) expels four students for the use of illegal drugs in the school.

Kaduna COE Expels Students for the Use of Ilegal Drugs

This is to inform the College community and the general public that the Academic Board (AB) discussed and authorized the expulsion of the students mentioned below at its meeting on Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

David Emmanuel

Raymond Othniel

Sabo Christiana

Elisha Ifeoma Martha

On November 5th, 2021, the students listed above were actively participating in the preparation of meals mixed with cannabis with the purpose of becoming intoxicated.

Their active participation is in violation of section 9:1:6 of the College Information Handbook 2017, which states that “narcotic or hazardous drugs, or any unlawful or restricted substance, save as specifically approved by law, is banned and punishable by expulsion from the College.”

As a result of the above, the College Community and the general public are advised not to interact with the above-mentioned students, as they have ceased to be bona fide students of this College.

Visit https://kscoe.edu.ng for more information.

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