Jonathan B Postel Service Award 2022 (up to $20,000)

The Jonathan B Postel Service Award 2022 is now accepting applications.

Jonathan B Postel Service Award

The award is given out once a year to a person or organization that has made exceptional and long-term contributions to the Internet community.

The award is named after Dr. Jonathan B. Postel in honor of his outstanding management throughout the course of his 30-year career in networking. Jonathan Postel was the person who genuinely personified the spirit of the Internet as a resource to better people’s lives, working selflessly to make the Internet a place of potential and opportunity.


At a virtual worldwide summit with Internet technology professionals later this year, the selected candidate will be rewarded with a US$20,000 honorarium and the distinctive crystal engraved globe.

Jonathan B Postel Service Award | Eligibility Criteria

The award is given for long-term and significant technological achievements, community service, and leadership. Candidates who have supported and enabled others in their work are given special consideration by the nomination committee when it comes to leadership.

Specific actions, works, contributions, and other criteria that show how the candidate has served the Internet and its communities, as well as two references to support the candidacy, must be included by the nominator.

Selection Criteria

Technical Contributions

  • The candidate has created new technologies that have increased the functioning or breadth of the Internet.
  • Developing new protocols, devices, procedures, technological processes, or tools that contribute to the Internet’s development, utility, or strength are examples of contributions.
  • The nominee has made a significant contribution to the Internet’s strengthening, growth, and protection. Their efforts have increased the availability and accessibility of the Internet in their area and beyond.


  • The candidate has rallied a community, founded a group, or inspired an existing organization to:
  • Contribute to the advancement of the Internet by bringing new ideas to the table.
  • The Internet should be expanded and strengthened.

Service to the community

  • The applicant gives of their time to help others learn about the Internet.
  • They make it possible for people to contribute to the growth of the Internet.
  • They continue to provide generously to the development and acceptance of the Internet.


Nominators must complete all parts to the best of their ability. Your completed form is the key instrument utilized to evaluate your nominee’s qualifications. Nominations will conclude at 23:59 UTC on May 13, 2022.

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Deadline: May 13, 2022

Visit the Jonathan B. Postel Service Award website for additional information.

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