John Maddox Prize for Resilient Scientific Researchers in London in 2022

The John Maddox Prize for Resilient Scientific Researchers will be awarded in London in 2022 by Sense about Science and Nature Journal.

John Maddox Prize

The John Maddox Prize honors those who, despite obstacles or antagonism, advocate research and evidence in order to advance public debate on challenging matters.

Since 2012, the prize has been given yearly to scholars who have shown tremendous bravery and integrity in defending science and scientific reasoning in the face of vehement resistance and prejudice.

The award highlights the challenges that many individuals experience in sharing their findings, and it motivates and encourages others all across the globe to do the same.

Nominations represent a broad range of situations encountered by academics and communicators throughout the globe, and the judges weigh them all together. They also take into account:

The importance of an individual’s efforts to improve the public discussion of good science.

The nature of the individual’s challenge(s), their perseverance, and whether or not those hurdles were beyond what would be anticipated in their position.

How successfully they integrated the facts into the larger discussion and enlisted the help of others.

Worth of Award

  • The John Maddox Prize is worth £3000 to the recipient.
  • In November, the prize will be awarded during a ceremony held by the Wellcome Collection.

John Maddox Prize | Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates for the John Maddox Prize must be nominated.
  • This is a worldwide award that may be nominated by persons from any nation and in any field.
  • A judging panel, not Sense about Science or Nature, selects the winner.

How to Apply for the John Maddox Prize

All applications must be submitted via the official website.

Very Important

The reward will be given out for specified accomplishments, and the choice will be final and irreversible.

Deadline: Nominations for the John Maddox Prize in 2022 are accepted until May 16, 2022.

For more information and to apply, go here.

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