Top 7 Italy Scholarships Without IELTS [Fully Funded]

Italy Scholarships Without IELTS: Italy is one of Europe’s most popular study destinations, with many foreign students flocking to the country.

However, some students may lack the financial means to pursue an education in Italy.

If you fit such a description, you should apply for Italy Scholarships Without IELTS.

This page includes a list of prestigious scholarships in Italy, some of which do not need IELTS.

Getting an education in a foreign nation allows you to have a broader understanding of various cultures and expand your horizons.

Indeed, studying abroad is popular because of its numerous advantages: you get to experience a different environment, culture, and race, receive a high-quality education, learn a new language, broaden your career opportunities, meet new people, travel beyond borders, and become your own boss, to name a few.

This does not apply to students studying in Italy.

Italy Scholarships Without IELTS: Are there scholarships for Foreign Students to Study in Italy?

The response is a resounding ‘YES!’ International students may apply for a variety of scholarships to study in Italy, which are financed by both government and charity groups.

Some are available to everyone, while others are limited to a certain group of persons who meet particular criteria. Some employers need IELTS, while others do not. The good news is that there is always a scholarship available to meet your academic needs.

List of Top Scholarships in Italy without IELTS

  • Italy Government Scholarships for Foreign Students (Fully Funded)
  • University Of Bologna Scholarships for International Students (Fully Funded)
  • Padova University Scholarships for International Students
  • University Of Pisa Dsu International Scholarships in Italy
  • Scuola Normale Superiore Scholarship Programme
  • Bocconi Merit and International Awards

1. Italian Government Scholarships for Foreign Students

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the International Cooperation Directorate General for Cultural and Economic Promotion and Innovation provide Italian Government Scholarships.

These scholarships are available to pursue a one-year master’s degree program that is completely financed.

These scholarships are given by the Italian government to overseas students who are willing to study in Italy and then return to their home country at the conclusion of the program.

There are a variety of courses to choose from, and IELTS isn’t a must for English-speaking nations.

Scholarship students are excused from paying tuition fees, and a monthly stipend of about 900,000£ is sent to the student’s Italian bank account.

This scholarship includes a required internship at one of the initiative’s partner firms in Italy.

How to Apply Without IELTS:

The language of instruction is English. Holders of a bachelor’s degree should provide a certificate from their university stating that English is their first language and that it was utilized as a means of communication at that institution.

This will be considered as a substitute for IELTS.

2. Invest Your Talent in Italy Scholarship Programme

The Invest Your Talent in Italy initiative aims to increase collaboration between Italian universities and businesses in order to improve their internationalization.

It also enables young international talents to get expertise and begin working experience in Italian firms. The scholarship covers the following expenses:

  • Waiver of all tuition fees
  • Allowance of $900.00 per month.

How to Apply Without IELTS:

Online applications are accepted. Despite the fact that both an English language certificate (IELTS or TOEFL) and an Italian language certificate are required (when applicable).

However, if the candidate can offer further documentation, they may be granted a waiver from an English-speaking country (e.g MOI from a previous school).

3. University of Pisa DSU International Scholarships in Italy

The award is for applicants from Europe and non-European students from impoverished countries, albeit the amount varies.

IELTS is not required for students from English-speaking nations.

This scholarship includes tuition waivers, free housing, free meals in university residence halls, and payments to cover supplementary expenditures like books, athletic activities, and so on. To be qualified, applicants must have a high school diploma for an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree from a recognized institution.

The Institution of Pisa, established in 1343, is a world-renowned technology university. It is noted for its exceptional research, teaching, innovation, and scientific supervision.

How to Apply without IELTS:

To apply, candidates must first be accepted into a degree-level program at the university.

Then, using the university’s online form, apply for the scholarship. Applicants must send their international passport, curriculum vitae, and enrolling form throughout the application process.

If the candidate is from an English-speaking nation, IELTS is not required.

4. University of Bologna Scholarship For International Students

International students may apply for the University of Bologna Scholarships, which are fully financed programs. It is available for undergraduate and master’s degree programs and does not need IELTS.

There is a scholarship available. First, Single, and Second Cycle Degree Programs are available. A completely subsidized tuition price, Study grants of €11,000 gross (Unibo Action 2), and tuition fee exemptions (Unibo Action 1) are among the benefits connected with this scholarship.

How to Apply Without IELTS:

The application is completed entirely online. Candidates should go to the official website of the Italian government’s scholarship program.

Read and comprehend the year’s words, then follow the instructions. It is available to all nations as long as you are under 30 years old at the time of the application deadline, and IELTS is not a requirement for English-speaking countries.

5. Padova University Scholarships for International Students

With about 70000 students, the University of Padova is one of Italy’s oldest institutions and is regarded as one of the greatest in the country.

It presently has roughly 43 fully supported scholarships for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs available. The scholarship includes a full Fee Waiver for the length of your degree program, as well as an annual award of €8,000.

How to Apply without IELTS:

The Padova international excellence scholarship application is completed entirely online. Simply get an English-speaking certificate from your former school and submit it with your application.

When applying for studies at this university, however, IELTS is not required.

6. Scuola Normale Superiore Scholarships

78 fully-funded PhD scholarships are available from the Scuola Normale Superiore to both Italian nationals and foreign students (international candidates).

All qualifying PhD applicants get full financial assistance, which includes tuition, fees, and a cost-of-living grant.

How to Apply Without IELTS:

Online applications are available. More information is available on the Scuola Normale Superior Scholarships Ph.D. Scholarships page on the school’s website. Proof of English language skills may be found in your prior degrees and graduate studies.

7. Bocconi Merit And International Awards

First-year undergraduate and graduate candidates are eligible for Bocconi Merit Awards and International Awards depending on their academic status.

The number of scholarships available isn’t specified, although they’re mostly for overseas students. A complete tuition remission of up to € 12,000 per year for undergraduates and € 14,000 per year for graduates is included in the prize. It also features a tuition discount of 50% for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The Merit Award comes with complete tuition remission for up to € 12,000 per year (undergraduate) and € 14,000 per year (graduate) (for Graduate).

How to Apply Without IELTS:

To be considered for this scholarship, you must apply to Bocconi University for an undergraduate or graduate program. There will be no need to submit a separate scholarship application.

The candidate’s academic performance will be the primary criterion for assessment. The whole dossier submitted to the Admissions office will be reviewed in addition to academic success.


Students who intend to study in Italy on a scholarship without taking the IELTS should visit the different institutions’ websites for further information on the application process, a notice of completion, program requirements, and deadlines.

This will provide students with a better understanding of the institution and its programs, as well as scholarship options.

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