Google Hash Code Coding Competition in USA 2022

For the Google Hash Code Coding Competition 2022, Google is accepting submissions from students and professionals all across the globe.

Google Hash Code Coding Competition

Hash Code is a Google-sponsored team programming competition.

The contestants must choose a programming language as well as a Google-provided technical challenge to tackle.

The competition this year begins with an Online Qualification Round, in which teams may play from anywhere, including one of the Hash Code hubs.

The top teams will then be invited to the Final Round at a Google office.

Hash Code, Google’s team-based programming competition, enables you to demonstrate your abilities and network with other programmers while solving a problem based on a genuine Google engineering issue!

Through an Online Qualification Round, programmers from all over the globe will solve the first challenge in small groups of two to four.

Despite the fact that this round is hosted online, teams may participate side by side in locally managed Hash Code hubs.

Worth of Award

  • 1st Place: $4,000
  • 2nd place: $2,000
  • 3rd place: $1,000
  • Goodies. As part of their involvement in the HC Contest, Google may from time to time, and at its sole discretion, give away Google-branded items, Google-related goods, or other goodies (“Goodies “) to Final Round contestants.
  • These Goodies are not awards, and participants should not regard them as such. Goodie recipients are responsible for ensuring that they follow all relevant tax laws and filing requirements (if any).
  • Certificates. Members of Teams that submit a solution earning at least one (1) point during either the Online Qualification Round or the Final Round are eligible to receive a downloadable and printable certificate, which can be found in their Contest Profile and is available around a month after each Round ends.

Google Hash Code Coding Competition Requirements

  • Each Contest is invalid where banned by law, including Crimea, Iran, North Korea, Quebec, Syria, and other countries.
  • To participate or win a Contest, you do not need to buy any Google product or service.
  • If you are or become, you will be immediately disqualified from the Contest and will lose all of your rewards.
  • A citizen of Quebec (Canada), Crimea, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or any other nation sanctioned by the United States;
  • Otherwise, relevant export restrictions and sanctions regimes prevent it;
  • A current Google or one of its affiliates employee (including interns), contractor, officer, or director.
  • A inhabitant of a jurisdiction where a Contest is illegal by law;
  • The minimum age is eighteen (18) years old, or the age of majority in your country of residence, whichever comes first.

How to Apply for Google Hash Code Coding Competition

  • Internet access, as well as
  • A valid email address is required.
  • If a Contest provides a reward, you must supply your name, phone number, proper postal address, and any other information Google may need to award or send you a prize if Google requests it.
  • This information must be submitted in English using only ASCII characters, and it will be used to award and send you a reward. Non-ASCII characters may delay or prohibit you from receiving an award or reward.

Google reserves the right to verify your eligibility and to adjudicate any dispute at any time.

Deadline: The applications for Google Hash Code 2021 will close on February 22, 2021

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