Goethe-Institut Visual Arts Project Fund 2022 (up to €25,000)

The Goethe-Institut Visual Arts Project Fund 2022 is now accepting applications.

The Visual Arts Project Fund of the Goethe-Institut assists artists, curators, and institutions from many nations and regions in the realization of cooperative projects based on an equitable division of labor and creative contribution.

Through creative artistic and curatorial work, the goal is to establish worldwide networks in the visual arts, architecture, design, and art education/cultural mediation.

They support the creation of exhibits and discursive forms with transnational cooperative working structures in the domains of visual art, architecture, design, art education/cultural mediation, and multidisciplinary initiatives.

Professional artists, curators, and cultural practitioners working in Germany and abroad are eligible for the grant.

It encourages their creative and intellectual participation in a project that they co-create and execute, and in which they cooperate as equal partners across national borders while being attentive to unique situations, resulting in new forms/contextual possibilities.

The Goethe-Institut Visual Arts Project Fund: Funding

The maximum amount of money is €25,000.

Requirement for the Goethe-Institut Visual Arts Project Fund: Criteria

  • Professional artists, curators, and cultural practitioners with shown experience working and exhibiting in professional settings are eligible for the grant.
  • For an application, they demand at least two project partners, one of whom lives and works in Germany and the other outside of it.
  • One of the partners, the applicant, submits the application.
  • An email is sent to the second project partner, asking them to confirm the application.


  • Applications that satisfy the requirements are considered by a panel of specialists and Goethe-Institut members. The jury will be informed by the following award criteria in reaching its decision:
  • The quality of the project and the functions of the cultural operators involved in their particular scenes
  • Impact of artistic or discursive outcomes expected
  • Contemporary Relevance of the questions and objectives
  • Without one partner dominating, a balanced and dialogical approach to collaboration is used.
  • Creating long-term collaboration frameworks
  • In the project’s execution, ecological and social sustainability, as well as inclusivity, are taken into account.
  • A good financial strategy and a budget with specifics of your own/third-party money (at least 10% of the financing amount). If you don’t have any personal finances and can’t get third-party funding, please explain why.
  • Projects involving German partners and partners from transition countries and the Global South are given priority.

How to Apply for the Goethe-Institut Visual Arts Project Fund

Use the Goethe-Application Institut’s Portal to submit your application for the Visual Arts Project Fund.

Only English-language applications are accepted.

To apply, visit this link.

Deadline for application: October 15, 2022

Visit Goethe-Institut for more details.

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