Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Africa Photo Competition 2022

Prepare your cameras, and photographers from all over the globe! Applications for the GLF Africa Photo Competition 2022 are currently being accepted by the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Africa.

GLF Africa Photo Competition

They’d love to see your viewpoint on the beauty and richness of this magnificent continent, whether you’re a professional or amateur, nature or urban photographer. Through your camera lenses, take us on a visual trip throughout the African continent, from Algeria’s Sahara desert to South Africa’s bustling cityscapes, from local people recovering their land to youth and women developing local solutions and possibilities.


Cash prizes of:

  • USD 400 (1st place)
  • USD 300 (2nd place)
  • USD 200 (popular vote).
  • A spread and interview in Landscape News.
  • A showcase at the GLF Africa 2022 Digital Conference.

GLF Africa Photo Competition | Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone over the age of 18, whether a hobbyist or a professional photographer, is welcome to enter.
  • By submitting the picture, the participant certifies that their participation complies with the regulations and that they are familiar with the competition’s conditions.
  • Photos that have won various photography contests in the past will be disqualified.

Selection Criteria

A team of judges chosen by the GLF will assess all entries and shortlist up to 25 images from all eligible submissions received throughout the competition period. The following criteria will be used to choose the finalists:

  • Creativity (30%)
  • Photographic quality (30%)
  • Composition (30%)
  • Execution of theme (10%)

The finalist images will be posted on the GLF’s internet channels. The public will be allowed to vote for their best images, with the ‘popular vote’ prize going to the contribution that obtains the most votes. The panel will choose the winners of the first and second prizes.

How to Apply for the GLF Africa Photo Competition

  • To take part, you must post a picture on the internet.
  • Each image is considered a separate entry.
  • The photo’s title, as well as the contributor’s name and contact information, including email address, social network handles (if relevant), and a description describing the topic and location, must be included in the uploaded file.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline: May 10, 2022

Visit GLF Africa for more information.

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