GEMS Undergraduate Merit Scholarship at University of Sheffield in UK 2022

For the academic year 2022/23, the University of Sheffield is accepting applications for the GEMS Undergraduate Merit Scholarship in the United Kingdom.

GEMS Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

The scholarship is offered to new students from a GEMS institution in the United Arab Emirates who will be starting at the university in 2022. Before applying for this scholarship, you must have received an offer to study at the University of Sheffield.

Worth of Scholarship

The scholarship is a merit-based reward worth half of your tuition.

GEMS Undergraduate Merit Scholarship | Eligibility Criteria

You have to

  • be enrolled in a GEMS school in the United Arab Emirates at the time of application.
    Before applying for this scholarship, you must be accepted into a full-time or part-time undergraduate degree or foundation degree program at the institution.
  • obtain an invitation to enroll in a full-time university programme. Scholarships are not available for degree programs that are shared between the university and a partner school.
  • not be a sponsored student.
  • In the first or second year of a degree program at a university, enroll in the first or second year of the program.

In the same way,

You must be self-funded and entitled to pay the foreign tuition charge for tuition fee reasons.

All MArch programs are considered postgraduate taught programs for scholarship reasons and thus are not eligible for any undergraduate scholarships.

The start of your degree/foundation program at the institution must be in September 2022. With the exception of Medicine (A100/A101) and Dentistry (A100/A101), all undergraduate degree courses are acceptable (A200).

The university has the right to examine and modify the scholarship program at any time.

How to Apply for the GEMS Undergraduate Merit Scholarship

The strongest submissions will be chosen by a panel of senior staff members who will look for the following:

a candidate who has

  • given a strong argument for applying to the University of Sheffield for a programme.
  • Clearly stated future aims, which are related to the degree to which they have applied.
  • a solid academic record

Deadline: The deadline for GEMS Undergraduate Merit Scholarship applications is Monday, April 25, 2022, at 13:00 (UK time).

For more information and to apply, go here.

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