Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) Regular & Expedited Grants

Do you work as an investigative journalist in the United States? Do you want to expose misconduct by influential individuals or institutions? Regular and Expedited Grants from the Fund for Investigative Journalism (FIJ) are currently available for Spring 2022.

Fund for Investigative Journalism grants

The Fund awards funds to investigative journalists for stories that break new ground – that is, stories that unearth wrongdoing in the public and private sectors and disclose previously unknown or secret facts.


Grants are awarded for particular research initiatives. They usually cost $5,000, but they may go up to $10,000. Out-of-pocket expenditures including travel, document gathering and equipment rental are covered. Small stipend requests are also considered by the Fund.

Fund for Investigative Journalism grants | Eligibility Criteria

  • While freelancers make up the majority of applicants, any journalist may apply for a grant. Journalists of color are encouraged to submit ideas to the Fund.
  • Articles in print and online, television and radio stories, documentaries, podcasts, and novels are all eligible for funding from the Fund.
  • Foreign-based story submissions must originate from US-based reporters or have a strong US aspect involving American individuals, government, or business to be considered; all stories must be published in English in a US-based media source.

Key Information to include in the Proposal

The Fund’s Board of Directors carefully considers each grant application and decides on which ones to approve. The narrative proposal in the grant application should clearly and explicitly address four crucial questions:

  • What makes this an effort of investigative journalism? (Explain what misconduct in the public or private sector it would disclose that was previously concealed or unknown.)
  • What is the scope of your investigation? (Include public records, other papers, interviews, and your own observations in your broad plan for finding down information.)
  • What fresh information will you discover? (Differ between what fresh facts your inquiry will unearth or disclose and what already-public information you’ll report.)
  • Why are you the only one who can do this? (Share any relevant field or topic coverage experience you have, as well as any background you have that qualifies you for this investigative journalism assignment.)

How to Apply for the Fund for Investigative Journalism Grants

A short overview (100 words or less), plan (1,000 words or less), budget, résumé, clips, references, and a letter of commitment from a media outlet to publish the story must all be included in the application.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline: May 2, 2022

Visit FIJ Grants for more information.

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