Fully Funded |Atlantic Fellowship USA (2022)

Fully Funded |Atlantic Fellowship USA . The Health Equity Fellows program allows fellows to get a better understanding of health inequalities and its consequences.

Fully Funded |Atlantic Fellowship USA (2022)

There are no costs involved with enrolling in the Fully Funded |Atlantic Fellowship in the United States because it is a fully sponsored program.

Members of the Atlantic Fellows network are involved in the Atlantic Fellowship in the United States for Health Equity Program, which means that graduates of the program will be able to participate in Atlantic Institute programs such as conferences, seminars, and grants to support ongoing collaborative equity-focused projects after they have graduated.

Benefits Under Atlantic Fellowship:

  • It will make it easier to network with other people.
  • Your learning will be built on collaborative efforts.
  • It will pay for all of your trip expenditures.
  • You will have the option to participate in four in-person meetings over the course of the year.

Eligibility for Atlantic Fellowship USA:

  • In addition, fellows must be actively engaged in a health-related area in order to be eligible for fellowship consideration.
  • We consider candidates who are business owners or executives in large organisations.
  • Candidates from both inside and outside of the United States are encouraged to apply.
  • It is necessary to have prior projects or work that demonstrates a commitment to health equality.
  • In order to enhance health equality, proposals should show new talents that have not before existed.

Deadline: May 1, 2022.

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