FRSC Recruitment Portal Login 2022 |

FRSC Recruitment Portal Login 2022 |

Login to the Portal – FRSC 2022 Recruitment has commenced. Apply online using the recruiting site at

FRSC Recruitment Portal Login

The Federal Road Safety Corps 2022 recruiting portal is now open, and you may apply online through the FRSC website.

Do you wish to register for the numerous employment positions in the Federal Road Safety Corps for both graduates and non-graduates using the FRSC 2022/2023 recruiting application site login?

Read this post if you wish to register online at

The FRSC Portal login is, which is now accessible for all interested candidates to log in and register for the Federal Road Safety employment portal’s recruiting operation, which has just begun.

FRSC Recruitment Login Portal |

The current FRSC 2022 recruitment may be applied for via recruitment site 2022.

All candidates must register and log in to in order to submit an application for the road safety position.

You may use your mobile phone or a computer to access the FRSC website,

After you login in, you should be able to register for the FRSC online application and all open positions.

FRSC has openings for the following positions:

  • Assistant Route Commander (CONPASS 08)
  • Marshal Inspector I (CONPASS 08)
  • Marshal Inspector II (CONPASS 07)
  • Marshal Inspector III (CONPASS 06)
  • Road Marshal Assistant I (CONPASS 05)
  • Road Marshal Assistant II (CONPASS 04)
  • Road Marshal Assistant III (CONPASS 03)
  • Artisan and Tradesman

How to Access FRSC Application Portal:

The application process for the FRSC login site 2022 is presently active.

Those that have been shortlisted will be notified as soon as possible.

You will be required to print your application form in order to be considered for a countrywide screening.

If you are serious about working with the Federal Road Safety Corps, you should go to the FRSC’s official website,

Register using your login email, phone number, and password, then upload the required papers and requirements to the site before submitting your application.

Please note that the Federal Road Safety Application Portal’s URL is, and the application form is free.

FRSC Recruitment Deadline

Please submit your application before August 24, 2022, which is the deadline for the FRSC Recruitment Employment 2022.

If you have any more questions or concerns, please contact the Federal Road Safety Recruitment team through email at [email protected] or phone their support lines from Monday to Friday.

This post will show you how to access the FRSC application site at and register for online recruitment.

The whole process should be straightforward and stress-free if you follow all of the rules and suggestions outlined in this article.

If you want to stay up to date with FRSC 2022 job openings, sign up for our alerts and we’ll keep you informed.

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