For Creative Girls Mentorship Program (2022)

For Creative Girls Mentorship Program (2022). When a person is hungry for advancement in their chosen sector, the For Creative Girls Mentorship Program provides two months of one-on-one virtual mentorship support.

for creative girls mentorship program (2022)

For Creative Girls is a lifestyle blog for female creatives with a social conscience.

Having the opportunity to meet a few individuals who have achieved great progress in their careers may be quite beneficial in the creative and professional worlds.

It causes a paradigm change, and you’ll discover new resources, guidance, and ambitions that are obtainable. Mentors will assist you to design your work for two months during the program.

Are you a female Creative or Professional who is concerned about where your art/career is in relation to where you want it to be? Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, these ladies are here to help. This mentoring program is suited to your specific needs.

For Creative Girls as an ideology, the belief that creatives are essential to the advancement of civilizations, economies, cultures, and industries is at the heart of the movement. These areas of existence need the participation of women who identify as creative in a variety of ways or with a wide range of talents.

Application Deadline: March 16th, 2022

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