EIT Dean’s High Achievers Doctorate Scholarship in Engineering in Australia 2022

Applicants are invited to apply to the EIT Dean’s High Achievers Doctorate Scholarship Program in Australia for the academic year of 2022/23.

EIT Dean’s High Achievers Doctorate Scholarship

Current and prospective local and foreign students are eligible to apply for this award. These are pupils who have a track record of academic performance and greatness. They are also EIT students interested in starting or continuing their Professional Doctor of Engineering degree.

Worth of Scholarship

  • This scholarship provides a 25% tuition price reduction for the next term/semester.
  • Discounts on tuition costs will be applied to a maximum of four units in one semester/term.
  • Discounts are applied to the amount and currency billed to the student in the same way.

EIT Dean’s High Achievers Doctorate Scholarship | Eligibility Criteria

To be considered, the candidate must:

  • have started studying in 2021
  • fulfill EIT academic admission standards, including the DEng program’s English language requirement
  • acquire and accept an offer, or be presently enrolled as a full-time or part-time student in EIT’s DEng program.
  • have a least 75 percent average in their highest completed qualification
  • not be on the waiting list for another EIT scholarship. The applicant’s application for the Assistantship may still be evaluated.
  • not have failed any units while studying the DEng program at EIT
  • fill out a scholarship application
  • EIT does not have any outstanding tuition costs.

How to Apply for the EIT Dean’s High Achievers Doctorate Scholarship

Current students may apply by filling out the following form:

Step 1: Fill out the scholarship application form completely.

Step 2: Send your application to [email protected] at least three weeks before the start of the following semester/term. The EIT Scholarship Panel should receive your application.

Students in the future may apply as follows:

Along with your course application, please fill out and submit the Scholarship Application Form.

You may still apply for a scholarship if you have already submitted your course application to [email protected]

Deadline: The deadline for scholarship applications is one month before the semester begins.

Applications for the EIT Dean’s High Achievers Doctorate Scholarship are now being accepted.

For more information and to apply, go here.

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