Engineering for Development (E4D) Continuing Education Scholarship Program 2022

The E4D Continuing Education Scholarship Program 2022 is now accepting applications.

The Engineering for Development (E4D) Continuing Education Scholarship Program provides travel and living costs scholarships to applicants from low-income countries who want to attend ETH Zurich’s continuing education programs.

The program’s purpose is to improve future leaders’ knowledge and abilities so that they can contribute to capacity building and poverty reduction in their home countries.

The Sawiris Foundation for Social Development and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation generously finance the E4D Program. The current program phase lasts until 2023.

Worth of Scholarship

The scholarship will pay the following expenditures (for the successful candidate):

  • Round-trip ticket in the economy class (max. 2,000 CHF)
  • Fees for visas
  • Allowance for living expenses throughout the length of the program
  • Waiver of normal tuition fees at ETH (660 CHF per semester)

The scholarship will NOT cover the following expenses:

  • The E4D Continuing Education Scholarship does not cover the MAS/CAS/DAS program costs.
  • The School for Continuing Education’s normal application cost of 150 CHF will not be paid.
  • Candidates from low-income countries may have their fees refunded if their application for the E4D continuing education scholarship is legitimate but not accepted.

Requirements for the E4D Continuing Education Scholarship

  • The applicant must have a finished and recognized Master’s degree from a university, as well as confirmation of at least two years of professional job experience.
  • A TOEFL level C1 English proficiency is necessary.
  • If the continuing education program demands a minimum level of proficiency in another language, documentation of that proficiency must be shown as well.
  • Candidates from all countries on the OECD DAC List 2022, with the exception of upper-middle-income countries, are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Candidates must be approved by both the ETH Zurich School for Continuing Education and the MAS, DAS, or CAS program offices.

How to Apply for the E4D Continuing Education Scholarship

The following papers are included in the application:

  • candidate’s curriculum vitae
  • MSc or Master’s degree, as well as academic transcripts (s)
  • 1-2 page application letter describing why the individual wants to join the program and how it will benefit their professional growth and beyond.
  • two professional testimonials
  • The School for Continuing Education issues a formal acceptance letter indicating that the applicant has been accepted into the MAS, DAS, or CAS program for the semester.
  • Employment certificate. The E4D program office ([email protected]) must receive the certificate of employment letter directly from the employer ([email protected]) (and not the candidate).
  • Other globally recognized English credentials or a certificate of English level (minimum TOEFL level C1). If the program demands a minimum level of proficiency in another language, evidence of this proficiency must be given as well.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline for application: April 30, 2022

Visit E4D Continuing Education Scholarship for more details.

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