Apply to join the Commonwealth Students’ Association Network

The Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA) is accepting applications from student-led groups and student unions from all five (5) regions to join its network!

Commonwealth Students’ Association Network

The Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA) is a statewide association of student leaders and student-led groups. They collaborate closely with the Commonwealth Secretariat in the areas of education and youth leadership, and they help National Student Organizations create capacity.

The Association was founded in 2012 during the 18th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers (18CCEM) in Mauritius when student leaders came together to offer suggestions on current educational concerns and to improve their involvement in the Commonwealth education sector. The Commonwealth Students Association’s main goals are to “promote unity among student organizations in Commonwealth countries; protect Commonwealth students’ rights and actively contribute to the development of student movements; and create an environment for student unions and student movements to build their respective and collective capacities, to freely express and advocate.”


Get involved in a statewide network of student leaders and student-led groups.

Commonwealth Students’ Association Network | Eligibility Criteria

  • National student organizations, student-led organizations, and student unions are all welcome to apply.
  • They should all be Commonwealth citizens.

How to Apply for the Commonwealth Students’ Association Network

All of the following must be submitted with an application for CSA membership:

  • An application for CSA membership that has been completed (via this form)
  • A letter of interest (signed and scanned on real organization letterhead)
  • The members of the executive committee are listed on a table (with data that includes: First and Last Names, Nationality, Gender, Year of Birth, Date member joined the organization, Current education institution, and the role or program currently enrolled in).

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline: Ongoing

Commonwealth Students’ Association has further information.

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