CDCS Postdoctoral Fellowships at the University of Pennsylvania USA 2022

The University of Pennsylvania’s Center on Digital Culture and Society (CDCS) is now accepting applications for CDCS Postdoctoral Fellowships for the academic year 2022-2023.

CDCS Postdoctoral Fellowships

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, posing multiple crises for nations and humanity, our preconceived notions of community, personhood, and even society itself are challenged.

Border closures on a large scale, as well as travel disruptions and restrictions, have made traditional forms of sociality difficult.

Lockdowns, social distancing, and work-from-home orders have had varying degrees of impact on different social groups, with a clear negative impact on women, racial minorities, and the working poor.

Pandemic discourses on social media and news networks are often politicized, and at their worst, they spread racism, bigotry, and xenophobia, harming already disadvantaged socioeconomic groups.

There has been an explosion of personal and communal storytelling in digital and networked spaces in response to health, social, and political crises.

Individuals use social media to share their pandemic experiences.

To collect pandemic stories, diaries, videos, and photography, libraries, community organizations, and researchers create online archives.

In times of pandemic-induced crises, multimodal and transmedia storytelling become important means of coping for both individuals and communities.

Stories are a way of making sense of things, but they aren’t just descriptions or depictions of events or facts.

They build universes.

Stories may sometimes generate fictional worlds; they can also be imaginative universes.

More often than not, the worlds they construct are real or have serious implications, such as when law enforcement officials fabricate accounts to justify using violence against innocent people or politicians fabricate stories to justify launching a war.

To bring about constructive social change, community activists share tales.

Stories are a tool for creating a world in all of these ways.

CDCS is looking for two researchers whose work will help us better understand the forms, techniques, and effects of digital storytelling about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Worth of Award

The CDCS Postdoctoral Fellowships come with

  • A stipend of $55,000
  • $3,000 research fund, and
  • Health insurance.

CDCS Postdoctoral Fellowships Requirement

Between May 1, 2020, and August 1, 2022, scholars holding a Ph.D. are eligible. On August 15, the appointment usually begins. Scholars whose work contributes to the study of one or more of the following topics are encouraged to apply to CDCS.

  • Social movements and technology.
  • Applicants from all humanities and social science areas are encouraged to apply.
  • Critical racial studies and technology
  • Technological advancements, ethical considerations, and cultural shifts are all on the horizon.

It is important to note that the University of Pennsylvania is an EO/AA employer and, therefore, welcomes applications from women and minorities.

How to Apply for CDCS Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • To apply, please submit a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, a research statement, and a writing sample to [email protected] as a single pdf document.
  • Finalists will be informed and invited to coordinate the sending of two letters of reference to the same email address.

Deadline: To receive full consideration, applications should be received by March 1, 2022. 

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