CCHub’s Createch Accelerator Program

The CcHUB’s Creative Economy Practice has issued a call for applications for the Createch Accelerator 1.0 program.

Founders and teams building enterprises at the interface of technology and creativity are eligible for the Accelerator program.

Createch Accelerator 1.0 is aimed at businesses that are leveraging innovation or technology to improve Value Chains, alleviate market problems, or increase value capture in African Creative Economies.

The program’s goal is to provide expertise, networks, and assistance to companies operating at the interface of technology and creativity, allowing them to accelerate their journey to profitability, scale, and institutional investment.

Companies that use innovation or technology to solve the following thematic areas in any creative sector in Africa will be eligible (even if in use elsewhere).

  • Market and audience access. Getting into supply chains
  • Market information and data/insight are available to you.
  • Community and Ecosystem Development
  • Monetization and Payments

Eligible startups will need to have the following:

  • Customers and income have already been generated by a solution that has been introduced in the market.
  • A strong management team.An inventive solution that leverages technology and fits any of the above-mentioned topic areas (in the Creative Economy).
  • A startup that is based on the continent and operates there.

Benefits CCHub’s Createch Accelerator Program;

  • Access to a network of creatives as well as the ATCG network of Tech and Creative Industry ecosystem leaders throughout Africa.
  • Talent, distribution, and finance advice are all available.
  • Access to product advice and technological assistance. Opportunity to pitch to CcHUB Syndicate for up to $250K in equity funding*
  • Partner credits from Google, Amazon Web Services, Hubspot, and other companies are available.

deadline:March 4th, 2022

Visit the official Website of CCHub’s Createch Accelerator 1.0 Program

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