CAF AstraZeneca Step Up Young Health Global Grants Programme, UK

CAF AstraZeneca Step Up Young Health Global Grants Programme is now open for applications from eligible candidates for the year 2022.

The CAF AstraZeneca Step Up Young Health Global Grants Programme in the UK in 2022 is accepting applications.

Climate change and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are two of the century’s defining problems, both offering serious health and development risks. To address the environment and health concerns that young people confront today, innovation is required.

Step Up gets a large number of applications each year and is unable to fund all qualifying groups. It will prioritize a project in the application selection process if it:

  • Addresses nutrition.
  • Utilizes technology or digital health solutions in an inclusive way.
  • Is innovative: delivering something different from which we can learn (an existing approach in a new setting linked to a particular need, or a totally new approach)
  • Is youth-led (i.e primarily youth managed/designed).
  • Involves young people as advocates for change in their communities.
  • Is run by an organization with the income and capacity to deliver a grant of this size.
  • Is from an organization that has not yet been supported by a StepUp grant.
  • Operates in a low or lower-middle-income country or setting.

Worth of Award: The CAF AstraZeneca Step Up Young Health Global Grants offer up to $10,000 to support the delivery of approximately 20 projects

CAF AstraZeneca Step Up Young Health Global Grants Eligibility

  • The fund is accessible to registered nonprofit organizations having a track record of executing successful initiatives that benefit the health and environment of young people.
  • Organizations must be able to produce sufficient documents (in English) to establish their charity status and financial state in order to receive funds.
  • It will help groups in low-income areas all across the globe. These are more likely to occur in low- and lower-middle-income nations or environments.
  • Organizations that have previously received funding from AstraZeneca are encouraged to apply, but not for the same project.

How to Apply for CAF AstraZeneca Step Up Young Health Global Grants

  • All applications must be submitted via the official website.
  • Enter your email address and password to use CAF’s online grantmaking platform, or register if you haven’t already.
  • Answer a few simple eligibility questions.
  • You may then access the complete online application form to answer questions about your organization and project after successfully answering the eligibility questions.
  • Submit your application by midnight in your timezone on the due day.

The application form may be stored and accessed at any time. It does not have to be finished all at once.

Deadline: The application form will be available for completion between May 9 and June 8, 2022.

Visit the official website for more information.

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