Top 10 Book Publishing Company In Florida

If you reside in a Book Publishing Company In Florida and are having trouble choosing a book publishing firm to publish your book or are concerned about it getting into the wrong hands, you’ve come to the right place. 

Book Publishing Company In Florida

I’ll be answering a variety of concerns about operating a book publishing company in Florida.

While the biggest suffering for a writer is having a book that is unknown to the readers, winning half a war isn’t the same as winning the war; winning the battle is when you finally have your book published and ready for the public.

Why Use a Book Publishing Company?

Florida is a metropolis brimming with authors and fans of every kind imaginable, all eagerly awaiting the release of the next book.

What more does a writer need when he or she has an eager audience waiting for them?

What Percentage Does a Publishing Company Take in Florida?

You don’t have to spend anything for editing, design, printing, marketing, or distribution when you sell your book to a conventional publisher; instead, you receive an advance payment and royalties afterward.

The advantage is that you are not required to repay the advance if there are any sales losses or delays.

Using a self-publishing firm, on the other hand, is more like hiring a bespoke publisher who will do all of the work for you, but unlike conventional publishers, you will be paying for those services.

How Much Does a Publishing Company Charge in Florida?

Instead of charging to earn, publishing businesses invest to earn by assisting writers with the publication, marketing, and distribution of their works.

The author is paid an advance, which could be half, two-thirds, or a quarter of the total payment, and the remainder will be paid to inform of royalties based on their agreement, but the publisher must first cover the cost of production and the advance payment before the author receives their royalties.

Royalties are the same worldwide, however, they may vary significantly based on the firm and author; for example, prominent writers have a better chance of obtaining a greater royalty %.

Royalties range from 5-15 percent for paperbacks, 15-20 percent for hardcovers, 25-50 percent for ebooks, and so on.

What are the Five Big Publishing Houses in Florida?

When we talk about the top five book publishers in Florida, there’s no way we can go without mentioning the likes of 

  • Indigo River publishing 
  • Legacy Book publishers 
  • TriMark Press
  • Atlantic Publishing Group 
  • Rainbow Books 

15 Book Publishing Companies in Florida

As you may be aware, Florida is a lovely city with a diverse range of publishing houses and enterprises.

Making a decision may seem difficult, but believe me when I tell you it isn’t.

Here is a list of publishing businesses to think about, along with a brief description of each.

Atlantic Publishing Group

The Atlantic Publishing Group is a hybrid nonfiction book publisher that allows writers to share their tales.

They produce biographies, self-help books, travel books, health & fitness books, and business books among other categories.

The firm assists you in marketing and promoting your book, ensuring that you get the attention you deserve.

Indigo River Publishing

Indigo River Publishing Company publishes children’s literature, entertainment, crime, thrillers, self-help books, history, psychology, and lifestyle books, among other categories.

Indigo River Company also devotes special attention to first-time writers, allowing them to submit their works for publication.

Pineapple Press

Pineapple Press is a Florida-based publishing house that specializes in publications about Florida’s history, tourism, and children’s literature.

Pineapple Press does not publish fiction, but if your screenplay has a strong link to Florida, it will be given serious consideration.

The Peppertree Press

In 2006, Peppertree Press was founded.

It is a self-publishing firm that publishes fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, instructional, inspirational, photography, and poetry in a variety of genres.

Peppertree Press also publishes poetry and short story journal called the Peppertree Magazine.

Oceanview Publishing

Oceanview Publishing is one of the fastest-growing independent publishing houses, specializing in adult fiction. It publishes works in a variety of genres, including mysteries, suspense, and thrillers.

They adore works that hold the reader’s interest.

Authors who are represented by a literary agency, who has previously worked with a conventional publisher, or who have been invited by an oceanview representative are all considered.

Ricther Publishing

Richter Publishing is a well-known, award-winning self-publishing firm that can assist you with publishing, writing, and even marketing your book.

Rourke Publishing

Rourke Educational Media is a publisher of nonfiction children’s books that meet national curriculum requirements.

Rourke also collaborates with renowned educational and retail publishers to design and license instructional programs all across the globe.

Breezeway Books

Breezeway Books, situated in Florida, is a self-publishing firm that believes in providing writers authority over their work and enabling them to express themselves.

They also provide editing, proofreading, design, and printing services. Breezeway produces a variety of publications, including children’s books.

Trimark Press

Trimark Press was founded in 2003, and the majority of its writers are physicians and attorneys who opted to create books about topics that are important to them.

They’ve also published books about money, relationships, children’s literature, and fiction.

Tiny Fox Press

Tiny Fox Press is a tiny publishing house that specializes in fantasy, science fiction, and young adult novels.

Tiny Fox is presently accepting submissions from writers who are interested in contributing.

Jitney Books

Jitney Books is a Book Publishing Company In Florida.

Local literature, novels, short stories, memoirs, and screenplays are published by them.

Rainbow Books

Rainbow Books was founded in 1979, and the first book they published was “Child-Snatched by Margaret Strickland,” which was based on her actual experience.

Nonfiction, self-help books, fiction, and murder mysteries are all published by Rainbow Books.

World Castle Publishing

In 2011, World Castle Publishing was established.

They work in a variety of genres, including fiction, young adult, mystery, thriller, fantasy, action, and horror. 

Novellas, short tales, and novels are also accepted.

Xulon Press

The Florida-based firm, which was founded in 2001 and produces Christian publications, is a self-publishing corporation.

Xulon provides printing, proofreading, editing, and marketing services.

Canterbury House Publishing

Canterbury House Publishing is nonfiction, mystery, romance, young adult, suspense, and fiction publisher founded in 2009.

For additional information about submission methods and details, aspiring writers can go to their page: Click Here


So there you have it, a comprehensive list of Florida book publishing companies.

The trick is to know what you’re looking for and how to get it.

You may use this list to select a publishing house that is a good fit for you and your book.

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