10 Best Universities in the UK to Study Medicine

For foreign students interested in studying medicine, the United Kingdom is a popular choice. It is home to the majority of the world’s most prestigious universities. International students get access to the greatest medical facilities and do not have to pay for medical insurance, which is required in other European medical schools. Whatever medical route you choose, getting to know the colleges that provide those programs and the quality of education they provide is critical. The following is a list of the ten best universities in the UK to study medicine

Best Universities in the UK to Study Medicine

10 Best Universities to Study Medicine in the UK

1. University of Oxford

The brightest brains in the world attend this top-ranked institution. It is well-known for its excellent educational levels. International students may expect to learn from the top medical specialists in the world. The university is also well-known for graduating a substantial proportion of students who find work within six months after graduation.

There are two options for getting into Oxford University’s medical school. The first is a six-year standard curriculum designed for recent high school graduates. The graduate entrance program, which takes around four years to finish, is the second option. It is appropriate for science graduates interested in studying medicine at Oxford University.

2. University of Cambridge

This prestigious institution is rated 6th in the world and second in the United Kingdom. The University accepts outstanding and bright foreign students from all across the globe.

For science graduates interested in pursuing a medical career, the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine offers a six-year conventional medical program and a four-year graduate entry/accelerated program. Preclinical research is the focus of the first three years. Students may then follow the clinical track and choose between a three-year MB BChir standard clinical course or a three-year MBPhD clinical programme that includes considerable laboratory research.

These paths are intended for medical practitioners (MB BChir) working in the health sector or medical researchers (MB Ph.D.) working in any of the following fields: Intracellular infections, organelle biology, rare hereditary disorders, protein folding and quality control, and membrane trafficking are all examples of neurological diseases. International students may choose between a 6-year regular road or a graduate-entry option to attend medical school.

3. Imperial College London

The World University Rankings and the UK Guardian University Guide rankings 2022 have placed this university as one of the top five institutions in clinical medicine and health. Their MBBS program at the School of Medicine is excellent, since it includes both theoretical and practical experience, preparing any foreign medical student to succeed in the healthcare field. Their courses are taught by the top professionals in the world, who use thorough teaching and learning strategies as well as enough student assistance to ensure that students are well-prepared for careers in medicine. Clinical training, research, and patient experience are all available to students.

Successful students get a dual BSc/MBBS degree at the conclusion of the program. Graduates of this first medical degree may register with the General Medical Council, which grants them permission to practice medicine in partner health organizations like the NHS.

4. University of Edinburgh

Many foreign students attend the University of Edinburgh from all around the world. This institution was established in 1583 and has produced two Nobel laureates in the fields of physiology and medicine.

In 2021, the University of Edinburgh College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine was rated second in the United Kingdom for including hospital-based clinical topics in its curriculum. For medical graduates to be great and competent as physicians, the medical curriculum combines an innovative and practical approach. In the preclinical years of medical school, students do research and study theory, while in the clinical years, students work as assistants to doctor trainees in hospitals. Medical graduates may be completely equipped for a future in medicine thanks to this innovative technique.

5. University College London

UCL Medical School is known for its excellent medical research and cutting-edge technologies. In 2021, it achieved a 79 percent student satisfaction rate, demonstrating the total influence of studying and teaching on the student experience. The ‘Commitment to Scholarship’ award was given to the institution for its dedication to medical scholarships and education. The school collaborates with a number of institutions to provide clinical students with the necessary training to pursue a medical degree.

6. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is a world-class institution with cutting-edge facilities and an innovative curriculum that prepares medical students to become experts in their fields. International students from all over the globe are invited to visit the university’s College of Medical, Veterinary, and Life Sciences to learn more about the university’s high-quality teaching and research. The college of medical science, like other UK medical schools, offers a 6-year regular medical curriculum or a four-year graduate entrance program. This university’s medical graduates are in great demand in the healthcare industry.

7. King’s College London

For clinical medicine, King’s College London has been regarded as the world’s 15th top medical school. Every year, the School of Medicine receives the most applicants for medical school. It is ranked 11th among the greatest institutions in the world by the World University Rankings. This famous institution is home to two Nobel laureates in the fields of physiology and medicine.

Kings College London provides a five-year MBBS degree program as well as a six-year MBBS program with a combination BSc/MBBS degree for medical students. International students are invited to learn more about their clinical teaching and patient care experience.

8. Queen Mary University of London

The Complete Institution Guide ranks this university first in London for medicine. When it comes to medical education, it has an overall student satisfaction score of 86 percent. Within six months after graduation, almost all medical graduates from this institution are hired. The medical school features cutting-edge medical facilities as well as a world-class library. The institution collaborates with the leading teaching hospitals in the UK to provide medical students with hands-on experience in patient care throughout their clinical program. The conventional medical curriculum lasts five years, but students may also enroll in the graduate-entry option, which lasts four years.

9. University of Dundee

According to the Complete Institution Guide’s 2021 rankings, this university is rated first in the UK for medicine. When it comes to medical education, they have an overall student satisfaction score of 86 percent. Within six months after graduation, almost all medical graduates from this institution are hired. Extensive teaching and practical experience are included in the university’s curriculum. It collaborates with the leading hospitals in the United Kingdom to provide medical students with hands-on experience in the field. International students are welcome to apply for its 5-year medical program, where they will study with world-renowned medical professionals.

10. University of Aberdeen

This university is one of the greatest and most affordable in the United Kingdom. According to the Complete University Guide, UK, it has an overall student satisfaction percentage of 81 percent in 2021. The University of Aberdeen is ranked second in the UK for medicine in the Guardian League ranking. Students may gain clinical skills at the institution, which has contemporary facilities and innovative technology. Preclinical and clinical studies at Scottish hospitals are part of this five-year program at the University of Aberdeen, which will provide medical students with the skills they need to be well-versed in the sector.


Universities in the UK particularly medical schools, not only encourage their students to be the best in their fields but also offer a safe atmosphere for foreign students to meet individuals from all over the globe and participate in extracurricular activities.

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