BeMo Diversity Advocacy Scholarship 2022 for Pre-Medical & Medical Students (up to $5,000)

Are you a medical student or a pre-medical student? Do you want a scholarship to assist you in achieving your academic goals? The BeMo Diversity Advocacy Scholarship 2022 is now open for applications.

BeMo Diversity Advocacy Scholarship

BeMo believes that education is your most precious asset and that everyone, regardless of social, cultural, economic, or racial background, deserves access to higher education. They also recognize that tuition and the application process for medical school impose a major financial hardship on certain candidates and their families.


  • They provide a $5,000 scholarship to people who are financially disadvantaged.

Requirements for the BeMo Diversity Advocacy Scholarship

  • Students in excellent academic standing who are full-time pre-medical OR medical students are eligible.
  • Applicants who have earned the scholarship in the past are not allowed to apply again.

Application Procedure

The following forms must be completed and submitted by all applicants:

  • Applicants take part in the #BeMoDiversityScholarship #BeMore social media challenge. To do so, they must create a short film (1 to 5 minutes) and publish it on their social media profiles according to the steps outlined below.
  • You may film and share your video at any time before the May 31 or October 31 deadlines for the Scholarships. On June 15 and November 15 of each year, winners are contacted individually and publicized on the BeMo website.

How to Apply for the BeMo Diversity Advocacy Scholarship

Step 1: Subscribe to BeMo’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram channels.

Step #2: Create a film describing how you intend to promote diversity in your school and community both during and after your medical education. The film must show how the scholarship funding will assist you in accomplishing your objective. The following call to action for others must be included at the conclusion of your video: “Thank you for taking the time to view my video. Please help me and BeMo promote diversity in medical education by sharing this video, leaving a comment, and liking the post. Go to if you wish to apply for the scholarship.”

Step #3: Once your video is finished, post it on your social media networks with the hashtags #BeMoDiversityScholarship #BeMore and a link to the scholarship website in the description ( The more social media platforms you utilize to promote your film, the more points you get. It’s important to note that you must use your own, authentic accounts and that the post is made public so that they can verify it. Accounts that have just recently been established and have no friends or activity are not eligible. Use an account that you really use on a regular basis. On your account, the post must stay public for at least a year.

Step #4: Tag BeMo’s social media account as well as as many of your friends as you can. The greater the number of individuals who accept your challenge, the more points you’ll get! Every like, share, and the comment you make will earn you points. Save/highlight your post on Instagram if you’re using it.

Step #5: Finally, email [email protected] the URL to your social media post(s) for approval. Your post must be public for at least one year on your account(s).

Deadline: May 31, 2022 / October 31, 2022

Visit BeMo Scholarship for more details.

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