Bangchak Masters Scholarships for African Students at AIT in Thailand 2022

Bangchak Masters Scholarships for African Students at AIT in Thailand for the August 2022/2023 academic year

Bangchak Masters Scholarships

The Bangchak Initiative and Innovative Center aim to instill entrepreneurial and innovation firms by addressing basic and applied research difficulties that face global sustainable development objectives.

The research program focuses on green and sustainable technologies.

The Center has been generously financed to work closely with leading local and international industries and institutions.

Responsibilities and tasks 

The primary responsibility of the researcher is to do novel research in the subject of sustainable development that will result in a commercial prototype, product, or method.

They will serve as a link between industry demands and academic research goals, resulting in highly organized and well-defined solutions to industrial issues.

Researchers at the [email protected] will be required to have both academic and industrial experience, as well as a broad awareness of the energy environment outside their field of study.

All researchers will be required to lead and participate in the preparation of applications and other forms of external financing.

Worth of Award for Bangchak Masters Scholarships

  • All research assistant scholarships are fully supported (stipend and tuition costs included) and available to students of any country (preferably Thai nationals).
  • The official language of communication at AIT is English.
  • They provide an exciting and demanding international environment that focuses on education, research, scientific guidance, and innovation, all of which help to improve the economy and social welfare.
  • Academic achievement, collegial respect, and independence balanced by responsibility are all goals they aim towards.
  • The bursary is in line with the industry standard for master’s students. The student assistantship lasts for 24 months.

Bangchak Masters Scholarships Requirement

The following courses are eligible for the master’s scholarship:

  • Energy
  • Bioprocess Technology and Food Engineering (FEBT)
  • Environmental Engineering programs are available (EEM).
  • Applicants of any nationality are invited to apply (Preference to Thai Nationals)
  • Bachelor’s degree with honors or a GPA of 3.0 from a reputable university
  • IELTS or AIT EET score of 5.0 or above is required for English proficiency.

 General Requirements

  • The researcher’s job is to do cutting-edge study that will result in a commercial prototype, product, or method.
  • Capable of working as part of a project team to provide novel solutions.
  • Communication, organizational, and interpersonal abilities are exceptional.
  • Ability to present findings in technical reports and to write scientific articles for publishing in peer-reviewed journals on a global scale.
  • Experience in incubation/founding start-up businesses is a plus.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, Energy Technology, Clean Technology, Smart Cities, and other related subjects will be considered a bonus.

Specific Requirements for Energy Area

  • Experience with design and modeling tools or other electrical power system analysis and power electronics simulation tools, as well as exceptional coding abilities in programming tools such as Matlab, Python, and others.
  • Hardware knowledge and experience with converters, as well as prototype creation.

Specific Requirements for FEBT Area

A bachelor’s degree in biotechnology, biochemical engineering, chemical engineering, food science, and technology, or a related field is required.

 Specific Requirements for EEM Area

  • Bachelor’s degree in biochemical or chemical engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, public health science, or other relevant applied sciences is required.
  • Programming skills and expertise in wastewater treatment system design and modeling.
  • Experience/knowledge of bioreactor controls.

How to Apply for Bangchak Masters Scholarships

Please fill out the online application found at the following link for admission to the August 2022 cohort of Bangchak Masters Scholarships.

On or before March 31, 2022, the applicant should submit the following papers to the following email ([email protected]) together with this application.

The chosen candidate will be able to begin classes in August 2022.

  • Letter of introduction
  • Proposal for a project that might lead to commercial goods (2 pages maximum)
  • Education, tests, and prior relevant work/research experience are all included (a CV).
  • Copies of academic degrees and certificates that have been certified.
  • Publications related to the study focus as well as any additional work that the applicant desires to be considered, with a clear statement of the applicant’s contribution.
  • At least two references’ names and contact details

contact for further information about the application process, please contact:

Ms. Sheree Ann Soriano-Gonzales
Administrative Officer
Department of Energy, Environment, and Climate Change
Asian Institute of Technology
 [email protected]

Deadline: Application for Bangchak Masters Scholarships closes March 31, 2022

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