University of Cape Town GSB/ayoba e-Track Program 2022

The University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business/ayoba e-Track Program 2022 is now accepting applications.

ayoba e-Track Program

The e-Track Program is a three-phase early-stage venture acceleration and capacity-building program for high-impact entrepreneurs in South Africa and throughout the world.

The program is meant to help teams establish scalable companies with worldwide potential using a high-touch scale-up methodology. Individuals may either develop their own business concept or join an established company. The program also provides a venue for business partners to participate in and cooperate on particular research and development initiatives.

Program Phases

  • e-Track is a three-phase venture acceleration program that addresses the different phases of venture formation and growth.
  • The 5-week Business Launch course is the first phase, and it focuses on verifying the venture idea.
  • The 12-week Enterprise Exploitation course is the second phase, and it aims to hasten the growth of the validated venture.
  • The Venture Scaling course is a 12-week program in which enterprises are assisted by ecosystem partners and investors to develop and prosper in their markets.


Industry cooperation with Ayoba: Ayoba is a free texting app and more created by Africans for Africans. Startups that are chosen to advance to the Venture Exploitation phase will get technical assistance and coaching from industry professionals to help them accelerate their venture.

Capacity Building: They use a learn-by-doing approach to capacity building. Scale-ups learn founder foundations and essential skills focused on pushing the company ahead at seminars and clinics. Scale-ups put what they’ve learned into practice by using the practical consequences of each session.

Advisory Services: Access to pro-bono partners and a network of specialists that can help with legal, HR, digital user experience, and venture capital.

Feedback & Guidance: Our staff, as well as a network of experienced mentors and industry partners, provide vital feedback and support to scale-ups. The UCT GSB Solution Space’s network of GSB alumni and business partners is also available to teams.

Coworking & Community: They concentrate on cultivating a thriving community of entrepreneurs and provide a schedule of regular events meant to broaden a team’s expertise and network. Through access to their co-working space and regular office hours, they promote peer learning and mentorship.

ayoba e-Track Program | Eligibility Criteria

  • They’re searching for high-impact, innovation-driven scale-ups that have solutions that are both relevant to the African market and have global potential.
  • They’re searching for both people and teams that can make a big difference. Individuals may either develop their own business concept or join an established company.
  • The majority of scale-ups arrive with a business plan, an early version of a product, and a small crew. They have a functional prototype with a minimal feature set that can be used to perform early-market testing to confirm product and market fit.
  • The first idea formulation indicates a thorough awareness of the issue as well as the market demand or opportunity. The proposal must have developed beyond concept, and proof of early market testing, customers, revenues, patents, or intellectual property filings must be shown.

How to Apply for the ayoba e-Track Program

Individuals and scale-ups must apply online before the e-Track Program’s first start date.

  • The UCT GSB Solution Space team evaluates the submissions, and the Venture Launch Program is completed by the top scale-ups and people. The 5-week training and preparation program is designed to verify the venture opportunity and team.
  • The top ten scale-ups are chosen to participate in the Venture Exploitation Program, a 12-week program designed to help them accelerate the growth of their business. This is accomplished by a high-touch scale-up procedure aimed at concretizing the product and ensuring client acceptance.
  • The program’s final phase attempts to grow the endeavor across partner markets and beyond. Investors, the partner, and topic specialists such as a legal team, a tech team, and a business development team all help to speed up the process. Throughout partner markets/opcos, entrepreneurs connect with investors, partners, and market specialists.

To apply, go to this link.

Deadline: April 27, 2022

Visit the e-Track Program for more information.

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