AU-UNICEF Youth Innovation Challenge 2022

In 2022, the African Union and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) are inviting submissions for the AU-UNICEF Youth Innovation Challenge.

AU-UNICEF Youth Innovation Challenge 2022

The influence of harmful behaviors on the mental health of children and young people is the subject of this challenge.

Because of their experience and hardship, survivors of harmful practices such as child marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM) may find it difficult to seek treatment and manage with mental health and psychosocial issues.

Because of this. UNICEF and AUC encourage you to contribute what you and your team believe would be a creative method to address one or both of the following issues:

  • Increasing awareness of the impact of harmful practices (HPs) on mental health and well-being in their communities, peer groups, and beyond.
  • In a variety of methods, survivors may be assisted in coping with the psychosocial effects of HPs.
  • Neighborhood/community-based activities/services that may assist HP survivors with a variety of mental health and psychosocial issues.

Your creative problem should

  • demonstrate how it will assist young people, especially girls and young women, who are impacted by HPs.
  • Directly collaborate with your peers and communities.
  • be a team player

Worth of Award

The 10 best interventions will be awarded $2,500 each to implement their interventions in the community.

AU-UNICEF Youth Innovation Challenge Requirements

You must meet the following requirements in order to participate in this challenge:

  • being a young African
  • Submit a detailed description of your creative problem.
  • Decide on a focused intervention as a group in your nation.
  • Please provide the name of your organization as well as the name of the team lead who will be in charge of the intervention.
  • send 5-10 photographs, as well as a 1-minute film detailing your planned intervention, etc.

How to Apply for AU-UNICEF Youth Innovation Challenge

The official website is where all proposals for the AU-UNICEF Youth Innovation Challenge should be submitted.

Deadline: The deadline for submission is January 31, 2022, 23:59 pm EAT. 

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