Athar Green Program for Startups in Egypt 2022

The Athar Green Program 2022 is presently accepting applications.

Athar Green Program

The Athar Green initiative is a program for green company beginnings in Upper Egypt.

The training is divided into two sections, each lasting four months.

Athar Green Boot Camp is the initial step, a one-month program that starts with 20 green companies and helps them work intensely on their businesses via training and consulting sessions.

The program will come to a close with the selection of six businesses for the second round.

The Athar Green Acceleration is the second step, which is a two-month program for entrepreneurs that have been chosen from the first round.

Intensive training sessions and targeted consulting will be provided to the entrepreneurs over the course of two months to help them take their companies to the next level.

Benefits of Athar Green Program

  • Intensive Training Sessions: To lead you through the most crucial aspects of starting a business.
  • Focused Consultation Sessions: To assist you in focusing your efforts on bringing your business to market.
  • Inspiring Fireside Chats: To be inspired by the experiences of other entrepreneurs in other professions.
  • Continuous Pitch Nights: To get ongoing feedback on your company and your pitching style.


  • There is a grant of EGP20,000 for each startup.

To get the grant, you need to finish the first stage and be selected to join the second stage. After being selected, you still need to finish the second stage to get the grant.

Athar Green Program Requirements

  • Entrepreneurs should be between the ages of 21 and 35.
  • Startups should have a staff of at least two people.
  • Startups should be situated in any governorate in Upper Egypt.
  • Startups should be able to produce at least three jobs that are inclusive.

Selection Criteria

They are looking for passionate entrepreneurs who:

  • Have the drive to make it happen and are willing to put in the effort.
  • Are willing to commit to the program to pursue their passion.

With ideas or early-stage startups that:

  • Are innovative or with an innovative business model
  • Have great market potential
  • Have potential for scalability
  • Can attract investments

Application for Athar Green Program

To Apply, Click Here
For More Information: Visit this Page
Deadline: January 26, 2022

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